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Bubbles   By Chavez Dezignz

The Bubbles silicone bubble dildo is awesome for both vaginal and anal use.  you can have increased sensations as the bubbles travel in and out of your orifices.  It is flexible and great looking.  The design is non intimidating and it will work for both men and women, beginners and advanced toy users.


graduated sizes in bubbles
Color options
Anal or vaginal use
G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation for some



*** The Bubbles dildo was provided to me free of charge from Chavez dezignz in exchange for an honest review, this is in accordance with the FTC Guidelines.***

Oh this one is fun!  It is a great toy for beginners to anal play as you don't have to insert it all the way.  The bubbles are graduated in size so even if you cannot use all of them you can slowly insert up to your comfort level.  You can also use bubbles as a vaginal toy.  It gives great sensations of a slight popping as it goes in and out.  A male or a female can use it and it has a flared base so that when you use it anally it will not go missing.

The Bubbles is made of 100% premium silicone and it is non porous.  It is hypoallergenic, phthalates and latex free.  There is no taste or smell to bubbles.  Because it is non porous you can safely use it between anal and vaginal and share with partners once it has been properly cleansed.  It is flexible, the bubbles with move with you and it is firm enough for insertion but not too soft for use.  It actually could be used in a harness if you prefer as the base will work in O rings too.  Bubbles comes from Chavez Dezignz in several varieties of colors and sparkles.

  This silicone is slightly tacky but it really doesn't collect much lint and hair but it does so slightly. You need to use water based lubes with the silicone so that it doesn't ruin the finish on the toy.  You can do a spot test on the bottom of the toy to see if your lube will interact with the silicone.

Other than the bubble shape there is no texture to the toy.  It is smooth and there is an ever so slight seam that is definitely not felt with use.  I can barely even feel it with my hands.  The photo's just picked it up.

Bubbles has a total length of  6 1/2 inches.  6 inches are insertable.  There are a total of 5 bubbles with the smallest on the top having a diameter of approximately 1 inch, the second bubble measures approximately 1 1/4 inches, the 3rd bubble is 1 3/8 inches.  The 4th is the largest at 1 1/2 inches and then near the base the bubble is 1 3/8 inches.

 The bubbles are not straight in a row they are slightly off center giving the bubbles toy a slight curve.  This curve does allow for some g-spot stimulation as well as prostate stimulation depending on your anatomy.

Bubbles is easy to clean you can throw it in the dishwasher, boil it, wash it up with some antibacterial soaps and water.  You can use toy sprays on it or even wipes.  The area in between the bubbles is not deep enough to cause any issues with cleaning.

The bubbles arrives in minimal packaging of a gift bag tied in a ribbon.  You can use the bag to store the toy or place it in a plastic baggy to protect it.

Chavez Designz has their web  page well as an Etsy store where you can purchase the Bubbles and  other adult products such as the Jollie.  You can read my Jollie Review!

This one is a winner,  really if you are new to anal play it is great because you can use just the first or second bubble.  You can work your way up and use the toy in many different manners.  It feels good for g-spot stimulation and for prostate play.  I like that it is firm enough for insertion but not so firm that it causes discomfort.  I would definitely purchase this one again and suggest it to all that are reading my blog.

Check out bubbles and other adult products by CHAVEZ DEZIGNZ.

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