Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Extase Elegance

Extase Elegance

I am still not too sure about this one.  I like it but I don’t love it.  It has dual motors, it’s splash proof and rechargeable.  It has the coolest packaging but, the vibe really doesn’t do that much for me.


Dual Motors


Hesitations with changing Patterns
Not as quiet as I would like


It is a vaginal vibrator with a very slight curve to it that could be used by some for g-spot stimulation.  I wouldn’t suggest using it anally as there is no flared based and it may go missing.  It doesn’t perform real well as an external massager.


It is made from silicone, rates a 10 on the Eden Safety scale.  Hypoallergenic, non porous.  It is latex and phthalates free.  There is no smell or taste to this vibe.  It is a softer velvety type of silicone that really doesn’t collect too much lint or hair. This toy is very firm, it is actually a layer of silicone over plastic.  It has no flexibility.  It comes in several colors, purple, pink and the black that I chose.  It does have quite a bit of drag.  I use water based lube with it.  It does have the slight grooves into the insertable end but they really cannot be felt with use.


The elegance is a total of 9 inches, 6 inches being insertable.  It has the slight curve to it with the grooves that are etched into it, the grooves are approximately  1/16th of an inch.  The diameter is  1 ½ inch at it’s largest.  The shaft has a diameter of  1 ¼ inch.  The control panel is located on the non insertable end and take up a  3 ¼  inch by   1 3/4  inch area.  There is a seam around the control panel which could be an issue for some and with cleaning.


It has dual motors. The motors seem to be located on the back upper portion of the toy and the front of the insertable end.   On the control panel at the end there are + and - buttons that  turn the toy on and off.  There is also up arrows and down arrows present that take you through the patterns.  The basic vibration goes from a 2 to a level 4 on the vroom scale.  It is slightly buzzy and a little rumbly.  You just press and hold the  + button to increase the vibrations there really isn’t a push, push, push type of action so I can’t really tell you how many levels there are.

There are 5 different patterns.  The first is a steady pulsation with the insertable motor.  The next is both motors pulsing together, then you move onto a more intense pulsing, a pulsing back and forth between motors, and another type of a back and forth pulsing.  It is really hard to explain these.  You us the arrow buttons to cycle through the pulsation patterns and the down button takes you back to where you were at.  I did notice with a few of the patterns that there was some hesitation with the patterns.

The control panel stays lit up when the toy is on.  It is actually a quiet type of toy, not as quiet as the Jopens but barely heard over the covers.

The elegance  is rechargeable with a USB port in your computer or use the adaptor to charge in a wall socket.  To charge the toy there is a waterproof cap over the charging port.  It really isn’t waterproof just splash proof.  The control panel lights up when it is charging.  It takes approximately 3 hours for it’s initial charge and  then it runs for approximately 3 hours on it’s highest setting.  When the battery dies the toy with  suddenly stop working.  The control panel does give off  a red glow when it is about to die but this is only for one minute.  DO not use the toy when it is charging.  And the product info booklet warns to not charge for more than 24 hours.  The elegance also has a locking feature for travel, push down the up and down arrows at the same time for  5 seconds.  It unlocks in the same manner.
Care and Maintenance

The elegance washes up with anti bacterial soap and water, Toy sprays or Eden wipes.  The grooves aren’t hard to clean and you don’t actually have to use a brush you can use your finger tips.  I only use water based lubes as to not harm the surface of the toy.  I keep the elegance in a wonderful pouch that was provided with the toy.  I keep all of my silicone away from other toys and each other as it is thought that you can damage the finish this way too.


The Elegance has got the greatest packaging.  There is an outer cover that slips off to reveal the toy in a foam area that holds it and it has a bottom drawer that contains the product info, the charger, and a really nice suede like pouch to keep the toy in.

I would say that since it has a locking mechanism you could travel with this one but TSA will definitely know what it is.  I am so cocky that I really don’t care if they know what is it and what I use it for.  I would just smile and wink!!

I would only rate this one a 3 out of a 5 scale.  It is a great toy but it just didn't do that much for me.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Toy with me Tuesday


Toy with me Tuesday


I have been using the Uma from Je Joue for months now and she is my absolute favorite.  She has never been put away, she actually lives on my night stand.  She is the one that I grab when the other toys fail in producing an orgasm for me.  She really isn’t that big, but  she can definitely pack a punch.  She is rechargeable and keeps her charge for a long time.

Velvety Coating


Uma is a rumbling vibe, only in the sense of her vibe power, she is quiet and powerful, sleek and sexy.  She has become one of my best friends.   She is great for clitoral stimulation and then she also goes diving for my g- spot.  I know she wasn’t meant to be double sided but when my husband inserted the end with the controls, I did not complain.   She does three somes, she likes to  play with my husbands scrotal sac, especially the underside. He agrees she is a great partner for play. I would be careful trying to use her for anal play, as she has no real flared base.

Uma is made of a matte finish silicone, She doesn’t have any textures, just smooth.  She is food grade, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.  Uma does have some drag due to the matte finish so just a touch of water based lube takes care of it.  Please don’t use any silicone lubes on her as it can hurt her finish.   Uma doesn’t come with any odors.  She comes in a choice of purple, pink and lavender.

Uma is 7 inches long with 4 inches insertable. She is somewhat thin with a diameter of  1 ¼ inch.  Her control area is  2 inches wide  and basically 3 inches long.  On her bottom is  her  + / ~ / -  buttons.  The plus and minus buttons are raised but the  middle ~ button is level with her and has to be depressed to change her vibe patterns.  These buttons can be tricky at times.  You press the  + button to turn her on and to increase the intensity of the vibrations and you press the - button to turn down the vibrations and to turn her off.

She has 5 intensity levels and 7 patterns.  Uma is very quiet and she can’t be heard  from under the sheets.

Her patterns include:
1. Constant vibration
2. Constant Pulsing
3. Roller Coaster  J
4. Short pulsations
5. Medium intensity pulsations
6. Fast high pulsations
7. Long pulsations, stop and then restart.  ( kind of the wham stop wham version)

Uma cleans up easily with antibacterial soap and water, and toy sprays.  She is easy to clean since she is so smooth.  She is completely waterproof. You can use her anywhere.  Do not boil her or put her in the dishwasher as this may injure her internal workings.  I wouldn’t suggest submerging her in any cleaning solutions as soaking may hurt her finish.  I really haven’t had any issues wit her collect lint and hair as would be expected with silicone.

Uma is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about any battery issues such as running out of batteries or filling up land fills.  She comes with a 54 inch long magnetic charging cable.  You simply put the charging piece up to her and she grabs onto it.  She takes approximately 2 hours to charge and she does for hours.  She doesn’t have any loss of power with usage.  When she is charging she has a light that flashes and when she is fully charged her light stays constant.  The light goes away after you disconnect the power cord.  The Je Joue power cables are all the same and you can use one to charge all of your toys.

Uma actually hasn’t made it to the drawer yet.  She has been living under my pillow, on the bathroom counter on her drying towel and on my nightstand.

She isn’t really discrete for traveling but I like her so much, Screw TSA if they know what she is for.

Uma comes elegantly dressed in a black box.  There is an outer sleeve to her black box that states “stimulate MORE”.  They didn’t lie with that marketing!  The black box contains Uma, her charging cable and an owners manual.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Peek A Boo Baby Doll and G String

Peek a Boo Baby Doll by Rene Rofe


Great Construction, no flaws
Looks Great
Size appropriate


I have to tell you that I am so impressed with the entire Rene Rofe line.  I currently own 2 pairs of the crotchless panties , the peek a boo bra and panty set and now this set.  They are inexpensive and have great construction.  I have no complaints.  They hold up well even when worn during intercourse and the husband approves.  He says that they look great and it is Hot to have the crotchless wear for play!!!  It is also a great piece to hide the imperfections and flaws of the "pouch".

I ordered the peek a boo baby doll in M/L size.  I wear a size 10 pants, size 10 dress.  Bust size is 36 to 38. Cup size C or D, I wear a medium or size 6 mainstream panty.    This baby doll fits perfectly.  There is no over hang on the sides of the breast cups.  Now there is no under wire in the baby doll but where the  seam is it does hold well, but not like an under wire.

The set is made from 90% polyester  and 10% spandex.  The set consists of lace and a mesh type material that is actually very soft and not scratchy at all.  The mesh is not totally see through, it is more like a filmy type of mesh.  In the picture you can see what it looks like up to sunlight.  The set is hand wash only in cold water.  It does wash up great with Woolite.  Hang to dry, no bleach and do not dry clean.

The G string

The g string is black with the mesh.  It has 3 pink bows present.  One on each side of the panty where it attaches to the waist and one pink bow above the crotchless opening.  It I sewn in and does not open up.  The waist is 14  inches  unstretched.  The fabric triangle that makes up the front of the g- string is  7 inches across the front of the waist band.  The sides are 9 ½ inches long to wear they attach to the string area.  The opening has 1 inch of fabric on each side for the crotchless area.  There is no panty liner as one is not needed since it is crotchless.  The back strap portion of the g string is 6 inches long.

The Baby Doll

The baby doll has adjustable straps  that are elastic with metal slides for adjustments. The cups are 6 inches attached to the baby doll portion and there is 4 ½ inches on each side.  The cups are split down the center with lace in the opening.

 There are pink bows at the top of each cup and ¾ of the way up the cup.  The cups do not open and the pink  bows are firmly attached with stitching.

From the band the baby doll hangs down 15 inches.  I am 5 foot 5 inches and it hangs just at my crotch.  The bottom edges are completely finished and it slightly ruffles.  All of the stitching is perfect with no construction issues.

The packaging is in a sleeve with pictures of the front and back of the product.  Care instructions are included.  Right out of the package this lingerie set also smelled good and clean with a soft scent to it.

This and other great pieces of Lingerie are available at Eden

product picture
Babydoll and panty set by Rene Rofe
Material: Nylon / Spandex

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jopen Intensity

The Intensity by Jopen


Electro Stimulation
Clitoral Stimulation
Inflatable Shaft
Multiple settings
Orgasms Galore


Not waterproof
Batteries for power
Poor seams with electrode pads

First let’s get the specifics out of the way!


It’s big a total of 12 inches long, so basically it is as long as your hand and forearm.  It’s actually really funny looking, an awkward man sitting with one heck of a long head.  Insertable is only 5 ¾ inches so that makes the control area 6 ¼ inches.  It’s shaft is 1 ½  inches diameter without inflation and  2 inches diameter with .  The clitoral attachment is 2 ¾ inches long and has a diameter of 1 inch.  It has 3 finger type attachments  that are approximately 1/8th inch around.  The clitoral arm is very flexible and can adjust to fit many anatomies.  The electro stim pads are located on the shaft 1 inch back from the tip.

The Intensity has a neat feature that when you squeeze the bottom hump of the toy the shaft will then inflate.  I inflates up to 2 inches in diameter.  To release the air you push the black button on the back of the toy.


It’s made from medical grade silicone, a cross between pink and purple.  The silicone rates a 10 on the Eden safety scale, hypoallergenic, non porous, latex and phthalates free.  The handle consists of  ABS plastic covered with silicone and the electro stim pads are made from stainless steel.   Only use water based lubricant with the silicone or you can use the special electrode gel that comes with the toy.  It contains of reverse osmosis water, humectant polymers, propyl paraben, methyl paraben in a bacteriostatic concentration and colorings. I have used it without any  lubricants as it really doesn’t have any drag.  The intensity does collect a large amount of lint and hair.

The Intensity runs on 4 AAA batteries, the batteries actually do last for quite a few sessions. The batteries are inserted into the bottom area of the Intensity with a screw type lid holding them in. The intensity can be a pain with clean up.  The ridges of the insertable neck do tend to collect your secretions.  I use antibacterial soap and water on a wash cloth, or toy sprays.  You can also use the Eden wipes or a  10% bleach solution.  This one cannot be boiled or placed in the dishwasher it has motors!   The toy is not as loud as I would have expected it can be heard over the covers but not through doors.

The electro stim  metal parts have a seam where they meet the silicone that is also a special area to pay attention to when cleaning.

The Controls

These descriptions are all when looking down at the toy as if you had it inserted. Located on the 6 ½ inch external area are the controls. There is one central  on and off  button in the top center.  To the left there is a up and down button that controls the vibrations there is a V in the middle of the buttons. To the right there is an up and down button with a S in the middle this side controls the electro stimulation.  When you have the toy on a middle area lights up to let you know what level you are at.  It reacts quickly when you push the buttons up and down, there is no hesitation.

There are 5 levels of vibrations.  The only area that vibrates is the clitoral attachment  It goes from weak at level one to a vroom of 4 or 5 at it’s highest.  This toy is not quiet but is about a level 4, it can be heard above the covers.  The stimulation levels  range from level 1 to 10.  I can only tolerate up to level 3.

The Packaging

The Intensity comes in a purple box with an outer sleeve explaining the product.  The purple box contains the intensity nestled into a velvety foam.  You receive the tube of  electrode gel and an instructional booklet.

The moment that I turn on the electo stimulation portion I can feel a slight tingling and then as I increase the levels I can only go to a 3 and this is even after using it for months.  My muscles start contracting and yes, the combination of the clitoral stimulation and the electo stimulation I do have many orgasms in a short period of time.

I definitely can tell an increase in vaginal tone this occurred after only a short period of time using it.  I have also been using other kegal exercisers.   I no longer have issues with leaking urine when I cough, or sneeze even if my bladder is on the fuller side.

The intensity was created by medical professionals for increasing vaginal tone and to help with bladder problems, it was then that they found out with the test subjects, that they were experiencing pleasure from using the device.  Jopen got a hold of it and added in the clitoral stimulation.   They made an awesome toy with medical benefits!

I did not pay full price for this toy but I can honestly say that it is worth the full price they are asking.  Yes it is not rechargeable but from what I understand, that would have severely increased the price.

Caution:  you cannot remove the toy when the electo stimulation pads are activated.  It kind of burns on your external lips!  I did it.

I would definitely suggest this toy for beginners and advanced toy players and even to women who don’t play with toys if they are having bladder issues.  It works wonderfully for me  for both purposes.  Oh, and by the way the Husband states that he can tell somewhat of a difference.  He wasn’t really specific with me but he said that it seems “tighter”.

The Intensity does come with a list of warnings:

1. Be sure the Intensity is fully inserted and inflated before activating.

2.  Do not remove from vagina before it is completely turned off.

3.  Do not use on infected or irritated skin.

4.  Do not use if you have a pace maker or defibrillator.

5.  Do not use if you are pregnant.

6.  If you have questions about your health, consult your physician before using this adult toy product.

7.  The supplier/manufacturer bears no responsibility for this product if mistreated.

8.  Intensity in not waterproof.  Never fully immerse in water.

9.  Not intended for oral or anal use.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

        For those interested in  Sex toys, is your place to go.  It is so much more than a sex toy shop.  It is an entire community of people from all walks.  The community members write product reviews to tell you all about the products.  There is an online magazine called  SexIs. There are forums with workshops of all sorts.

Check it out!!

product picture
Crotchless panty by Rene Rofe
Material: Polyester / Spandex
Use code VWB for 15% off with every order!!!!

Red Ruffled Crotchless Panties Review

Red crotchless rumba thong with removeable garters by Rene Rofe

Crotchless Panty with garter attachments

Pros:  Great construction, Metal attachments not plastic.  Sexy looking and they come in an array of sizes for all women to enjoy.

Cons: None

The red crotchless panty from Rene Rofe is made of the best construction.  I had previously purchased and reviewed the black pair and I needed to get the red ones too!  I am so impressed with the Rene Rofe line of lingerie.  All of the pieces are quite inexpensive and they stand up with great quality.  I have noticed from purchasing other brands of lingerie that Rene Rofe uses metal clasps and slides where others use plastic.  There are very few loose threads if any and his fabrics are not scratchy, they are actually quite soft.

I wear a size 6 mainstream panty, and a medium in Victoria Secrets and the Med/Large worked perfectly for me with no binding.  The fabric is made from 58% polyester and 15% spandex.  Hand wash only and line dry.  My weight is 147, I wear a size 8 to 10 pants with 39 inch hips.

The crotchless rumba thong comes in many sizes to fit all women,  S/M, M/L, 1X/2X, 3X/4X.

Now this being said about the hand washing,  my loveable husband was being nice and grabbed the laundry from the bathroom and  my black pair of crotchless panties ended up in the wash machine.  I was quite impressed that they were not ruin, they didn’t even get misshaped.  Now, I would not suggest this but they made it safely through the washer and dryer.

The front of the panty has a panel that is 6 inches long.  There is a small black bow in the center.  Down the front there are 6 layers of fabric that are gathered to form the ruffles.  The ruffles range from ¼ of an inch at the top to 1 inch on the bottom layer.  The stitching is perfect.  With the ruffles this is not a sheer type of panty.

 Right underneath the bottom layer of ruffle the panty opens with 2 sides of one inch fabric that are 10 inches long to the back of the panty.  This is the unstretched measurement.  This gives access to both the vaginal and anal areas.

There are a total of 4 garters, 2 in the front and 2 in the back.  The connectors are metal and not plastic, this is the same for the size adjustment slides and the stocking connectors. Not cheap plastic!  The garters have the longest length of 7 inches and shortest at 3 ¼ inches.  The stocking connectors are rubber and metal, they slide over the stocking with the rubber piece that slides into the metal to hold the stocking, this area is covered with red ribbon.

This panty is comfortable enough to wear in public under your clothing.  The two sides of fabric that made up the crotchless area come together nicely without bunching up.

I love wearing these and they help me to feel Sexy and the Hubby loves them too!  Can't think of a better reason to have them!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Powerful image from my friend Beck Special for Male Breast cancer
EDEN has got some great new costumes for Halloween!!
Spooky. Sexy. Fun. Happy Halloween from EdenFantasys!

Men Get Breast Cancer too!

Male Breast cancer, Not only does it affect the ladies!

     This is not a disease for the women only, even though you very rarely hear about it. Less than 1% of all breast cancer diagnosis’s are men. That number is rising over the years and men don’t typically seek treatment as fast as women because they don’t know that they need to.

       With the men delaying treatment the cancer is usually in an advanced stage and their outcomes and success rates are much lower. In 2005 the male breast cancer death rate was approximately 25% of all the men diagnosed. The death rate is possibly due to a delay between the first finding of the lump to diagnosis and treatment. Many men don’t know that they can even have breast cancer and therefore don’t get excited when they find a lump. Basically the larger the lump, the more advanced the disease is. According to the national institute of health, in the United States in 2009 approximately 1910 men were diagnosed with breast cancer and 440 had died due to the malignancy.

        There has been an increase in the numbers of breast cancer. Approximately a 26% increase in the time period between 1973 and 1998. Those are firm numbers and the continuing research indicates that the numbers are rising. The rates of male breast cancer among black males are higher than that of whites and Asian pacific islanders in the united states. In a presentation at the world health organization in 2006 male breast cancer had increased world wide at the rate of 26% in the time period between 1986 and 2006. These dates seem to be old compared to us now in 2012 but it takes that long to gather all the information.

        The majority of the male breast cancer is diagnosed due to the finding of a lump, dimpling of the nipple or breast discharge. Typically mammograms are not performed on men since they lack the density in the breast to be able to use the equipment. Needle biopsies are commonly used to diagnose the cancer.. It has also been found that married men tend to be diagnosed earlier and have a better prognosis since they caught the cancer earlier. Male breast cancer is treated much in the same way as female breast cancer. There is a lack of research in this area because the numbers are relatively low. There are few clinical trials and reports available due to the rarity of the disease and much of the research has been based off of female breast cancer. Mastectomies and lymph node removal are common as is treatment with radiation and chemotherapy.

       In the earlier studies, many of the men found to have breast cancer were elderly in their 60’s to 80 years of age. Current case studies are showing that males as young as 39 are being diagnosed.

    Risk factors for males development of breast cancer include obesity, alcohol intake, family history of breast cancer, environmental exposure to estrogens from diet and household products. The general public still believe that breast cancer is only affecting females.

     With the current breast cancer campaigns the male breast cancer is still not as known as it could be. There is a pink and blue ribbon campaign that has been developed by the John W Nick Foundation that is aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness in males. As the male numbers are rising the general public needs to educated.

      So ladies, when you are having your intimate moments with the man you love it’s not all about him checking you for lumps it’s time to repay the favor.