Saturday, March 9, 2013

Elden the Faerie Dragon

Elden the Faerie Dragon by Bad Dragon

Elden is the Dragon that plays down by the stream.  He has ridges and bumps to his member.  He is a gentle dragon, he wants to please you.  He is a smaller dragon and his wings are more like butterfly wings. He has the power to confuse and cause euphoria.  He is a mischievous little fella.  He has a tip that looks like a triangle with one of the tips broken off. The sides of the triangle are wavy in appearance.  They could even be seen as a type of bug head.  He has a pronounced spine with ridges  running along his anterior side.

His overall appearance is that of a more flattened wide member.  His edges has a rippling effect.  Then you reach his knot.  He widens and thickens with almost a bow looking appearance that seems to hold him together.  On his knot there forms 2 raised tendon appearing projectiles. All leading to his base that has bumps and spiny types of raised areas.  The raised areas encircle the whole base.  He doesn’t seem to have a posterior or anterior you can use him either way, which ever suits your needs.

He works for g-spotting and p-spotting types of actions. He is not girthy but his width makes up for it.  His knot may be hard for some to take but with practice anything is possible.

My Elden is a medium sized he has a total length of  7 ¾ inches with  6 ½ inches of usable dragon.  The diameter of his head is 1 1/4  inches as is his shaft.  His knot increases to 2 ½ inches.  His base is approximately 1 inch off of his shaft.

Elden comes from bad dragon in a small, medium and large variety. His dimensions can be seen here
Because of Elden’s shape he doesn’t come with a cum tube option but he does have a suction cup option.

My Elden has a medium density of 5, honestly he has problems standing up and he likes to fall over and hit his face.  I do wish that I would have him in a firmer density.  So keep in mind that you may want to order him firmer than you normally would.  He comes in densities ranging from soft, medium and firm.  He also has a split soft and split wide.  My medium Elden is squishy and you can grasp him and squeeze him and he has give.  I an able to feel his textures with the medium density.

My Elden is a brilliant white and I love the way that he looks.  You have many options to choose from with his coloring.  The options can be seen here  There are toy exclusive colors, standard colors and custom color options.

Elden is made from a platinum Silicone, that is nonporous, latex and phthalates free.  There is no smell an no taste to Elden. He is safe to between shared between partners as long as he is cleaned properly between uses.  Elden does have quite a bit of drag to him and his silicone is the type that does collect lint and hair.  You cannot use silicone lubes with the Bad Dragons.  You can clean up your bad dragon toys with a 10% bleach solution, boil them, place them in the dishwasher.  You can use antibacterial soaps and water.

There really isn’t any special storage considerations according to the bad dragon site but I usually store mine in the bag that it comes in or in a baggy.  I try to keep toys that I am uncertain about their purity away from my silicone toys and I will especially do that with this brilliant white Elden.  I do love the way that the white looks.

Bad dragon suggest to only use water based lubes with their toys, when you receive your order there is usually a disc included that will demonstrate one of the firmness options.  This disc is also so that you can test the effects of your lube on the sample instead of on your beloved toy.

Elden comes in a clear plastic bag, he has a sticker on his bottom that states he was made in the USA.  He comes in a plain cardboard box.  The shipping is discreet.

Elden, despite his floppiness is actually very pleasing to me.  Yes, I have to work up to being able to fully take his knot.  I have only used him vaginally.  One this that is great with his firmness of 5 is that when he is inserted even partially I can rub his base with all the textures on my clitoral area or extra added pleasure.  The way that the knot has the textures present it does hit my g-spot in a great way that causes g-spot orgasms.  This in combination with the clitoral stimulation is definitively a winner.

The Elden and other Bad dragons are available at


Lori Ques said...

Wow, I have never seen these before. Thank you for sharing them. I defiantly need to check them out.

Chastity Darling said...

That looks like some intense texture on this guy. I don't think he is right for me, just yet. I do love the way he looks though.

MrsHellKat said...

Stunning pics babes, great review as always xxx

llellsee said...

Looks beautiful in the ghostly white, shows off the texture well.

I definitely need to add Elden to my collection someday :)

Becky Whee said...

The white is so bloddy beautiful! I really love my Elden. Glad you do too.

barkergirl33 said...

He's wicked looking-I think he'd be a great choice for my g-spot and my fantasies. The white is awesome looking. ~Raine~

scarletrosevixen said...

Lovely Elden. Though know he wouldn't work for me in the texture department but I think it would just be pretty to own.

Rose Thorne said...

So pretty! I love the White!

AliMc said...

He looks very flexible and floppy!

Lori Ques said...

Hubby really likes this one

Amanda said...

different, but a little too floppy for me.