Thursday, February 28, 2013


The G-Spot Lollipop    J-pop


G Spotting
Color Options
Easy to care for
Neat Design
Size options


***The J pop was provided to me in exchange for an honest review, According to FTC’s guidelines***

Thanks to G Spot Lollipop for providing me with the J pop for review.

The J-pop is one of the G-Spot lollipop’s  line.  The J-pop is  an interesting toy.  You can use it for thrusting or rocking type of solo play or  for your Kegel exercises and more.  It is absolutely wonderful for G spotting actions.

The sensation while using the large ball inside your vagina resting on your g-spot and your vaginal walls closing around the  small girth of the steel is really wild.  I am a person that when I orgasm my vagina clamps down.  This is a wild and new sensation compared to that with a standard dildo or vibrator.  It is hard to explain but I do like the sensations.

The ball ends are firmly attached to a steel rod, I had tried to unscrew them but they do not budge. I was impressed to see that there is not any glue residue or screw marks at the insertion site into the balls.  The Steel portion of the J is also completely immovable, you won’t end up bending this one.  The result is a very firm toy that you can control easily.  I know that it sounds funny but the shape of the J-pop allows you to kind of have your own joystick for play.

 I found that I really liked to rock this toy by placing my hands on the ball that is not inserted to move the inside ball around.  You can also manipulate the rod to simulate a rolling type of action that too gives a different sensation.  I wouldn’t suggest using this type of toy with a partner as it is very firm and if they got to ambitious with thrusting types of actions you could have a bruised cervix.

The Shape is definitely different.  The J pop is a total of 10 inches long from the ball to the end of the curve on the long side.  The shorter side is a total of  7 inches long.  It is larger than I had expected.  The balls sit  6 ¼ inches across from each other.  They may be an issue for larger sized users.

 The balls are smooth and are made from Acrylic which is non porous, and hypo allergenic.  My balls are the 1 ¾ inch and 2 inch sizes.  You can order your Lollipops with balls from 1 ½ inch, 1 ¾ inch, 2 inch and 2 ½ inch combinations. They come in an assortment of colors, purple, orange, pink, green, mocha, and blue.

The entire toy can be cleaned up with antibacterial soaps and water, rubbing alcohol, toy sprays and wipes.  Storage may be an issue but since they are acrylic you can throw this one in your sock drawer without  worrying about lint and hair.  You can use any type of lubes with the steel and acrylic but I use a hybrid or water based with my toys.

The G spot lollipop’s have cool packaging that it just like a sucker with a clear cellophane that encases the balls and then the stem is tied with ribbon.  It is actually a pain to get the cellophane off.

I really like it.  When I have one end inserted I have a good 4 inch clearance from my belly button, as I said,  I have a joy stick for my toy!  This makes for great stimulation and rocking types of motions.  I am a medium sized female a size 8 to 10 and I do have a pouch from child bearing and the toy doesn’t cause any issues with the stomach area.

When performing Kegel type of exercises with this in place The outer ball will somewhat rock.  It is an odd sensation and the toy actually has some weight to it so I feel as if I am getting a good workout.  Now I am not a “squirter”, I am more of a  gusher and I do gush with using this one.

I cannot say that this is my favorite toy, but I can say that it is towards the top of the list,  The sensations are different from that of metal or glass.  I am able to have g- spot orgasms and it doesn't take a lot of time to achieve the objective with the J-pop.  I can easily suggest this one to other toy users, both beginners to advanced.

G Spot lollipops are available in several varieties,  They have a travel pop, a single pop,  a double pop and the J-pop.  You can choose your color and size options with all of their toys.

Thanks again to

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Difference is in the Tip

With a discussion of the Tango and the Salsa.. I had to show off my camera abilities.

Salsa has the rounded tip and Tango  has the slanted tip.  They say the Salsa is going away.......

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's Wicked Wednesday again,

This weeks Prompt


I do believe I can make you Writhe 

with these!

Come see who is being Wicked With Me.....



1. Do you write/manage another blog?  I Have my one blog,
2. Pick 3 random blogs from your blogroll and tell us why they are on your blog roll. Beck and her Kinks, she has helped me immensely to get started and who to contact and is a constant resource and mentor.  Molly's daily kiss is an inspiration to me.  She has done so much. Nymphomaniac Ness is a very nice person and has a great meme.
3. Look around your blog, tell us about two pages or links you want us to visit, be sure to provide a link to them in your answer to this question.  My Stronic and The Deuce.
4. Do you have any unique interests that you have never shared before? What are they? I am a Disney Freak, that is why I moved to Florida and  I ride a Harley.
5. What’s your current obsession? The Stronic Eins is my favorite toy I am loving the new spanksticks that I received to Review.  
Bonus: Has blogging helped or hurt your sex life?  The Deuce has added so much to my sex life and blogging has definitely helped.  It has opened up a whole new world to me of things that I didn't know existed.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Box

So with all the new toys.....  I had to get a new toy box!

Come see who else is playing......

Toy with me Tuesday

Sutera Coupon Code

Coupon Code for 40% off any items in the Sutera Line.


Available at 

Code good until March 31, 2013

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Ox Balls

The Ox Balls Sport Fucker


Color Options
It works!


Can catch in pubic hairs

The Ox Balls Sport Fucker is a stretchy type of cock ring that not only encircles the shaft of the penis but it also goes around the scrotal sack.  These two things are important for trying to prolong erections and delaying orgasms for the guys.

You place the sport fucker on an erect penis so that it holds the blood in the shaft of the penis.  The action of the ring that encircles the scrotum it to prevent the “sucking up” action that occurs with the testicles right before  a man ejaculates.  These two actions in combination will help to increase the time that a man has his erection and thus increase the time that you can have intercourse.  It’s a win, win situation.

I have found with the Ox Balls sport fucker that the combination of the ring around the shaft and the scrotum actually does work better than just using a cock ring.

The Ox Balls Sport Fucker is make from a TPR Blend.  The TPR blend is a polymer that  has thermoplastic character, it is hypoallergenic, non toxic and phthalates free. It is porous so if you are sharing the toy between partners or using it anally it is suggested to use it with a condom. There is no smells or tastes to it.  The Sport Fucker comes in a variety of colors. It is very stretchy and it can stretch to 4 times it’s size.  It does have a sticky type of feel to it and it does collect a lot of lint and hair.

I really don’t see the sport fucker lasting a long time and it has the potential to tear, I don’t mind this aspect because it does work so well, it is somewhat inexpensive and I will definitely pick up more as back ups.  It works that well.

The sport fucker inner ring is 1  inch unstretched, the ring that stands up is  2 inches high.  The ring itself is 5/8th of an inch thick.  Because of it’s design it will not stick to itself.  It does stretch so much that I can put it over the top of the can.  I can also get it around my wrist.  It will work with a wide range of men.

The sport fucker cleans up easily with antibacterial soaps and water, or toy sprays.  You cannot boil this one as it will melt.  It can meld with your other toys so I keep mine in a plastic baggy.

I only use water based or hybrid  SPUNK lube with my sport fucker as silicone lubes can damage the material.

My husband has been using and trying out several different types of cock rings and we both agree that the sport fucker with the scrotal band works much better than using just a plain cock ring.  I know that it is not the best material but I think that it is much more flexible than it would be if it were made from silicone.  There is a learning curve with getting this thing on and after the 3rd time I pretty much figured out the trick.  I use two hands and stretch out the main portion with the stand up portion  to encircle his balls and penis then I place the band around the top  of the scrotal sac  ever so gently!!

The Ox balls sport fucker is available at

Sybil Sutera Elite

The  Elite Power Sybil From Sutera


Turns off when there is not in use
Rumbly vibrations
Easy to use controls
Light to let you it is on
Flexible Clitoral arm
G-Spot toy


Seam where silicone meets Plastic may be an issue with cleaning

*** The Sybil was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review, according to FTC guidelines***

Oh my, this one has a completely new feature,  It is touch sensitive.  This means that if you remove it from your body or take your hand off of it, the Sybil  will  turn off.  It also means that if you put it under running water to wash it, it turns on and scares the crap out of you!

So of course I got this great looking vibe and I charge it up, ready to go play with it and I turn it on, nothing.. So I hit the buttons some more, I plug it back in and then I finally look at the instructions.  It does what?  Oh cool!  I place my hands around the shaft and turn it on again.  Vroom! Rumbly vibrations. Take your hand off of it, Sybil turns off.  Power saving options on my Vibe.

To my knowledge there are no others that do this.  There are actually 5 touch sensors located in the vibe, one on the clitoral arm, and 4 in the shaft. The Sybil is powerful, it is rechargeable, and waterproof.  The Sybil does come with a one year warranty.

Sybil is silicone, a soft velvety type of silicone.  It does have some drag to it so use of water based lube may be needed.  The silicone has no odor and no taste to it. It comes in a fuchsia color.  The Silicone is non porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.

The Sybil is a total of  9 ½  inches long.  The insertable area being 5 1/4 inches.  The diameter approximately 1 5/8th inches  at it’s greatest.   The shaft and handle portion of the Sybil is very firm there is no give to it. The tip of the Sybil and  the two  bumps that are present on the shaft are soft and squishy.  These do rub up on my G- spot area and add extra stimulation.

 The Clitoral arm which is 2 ½  inches long and it is very flexible, you can bend it back all the way to the shaft.  The clitoral arm has a greatest diameter of  approximately 1 ¼  inches.  The clitoral arm is flexible with insertion the arm actually slides up and onto my clitoral area.  I can go side to side with it and hit all the areas of the clitoris.  The shape is more towards an oval which gives the right amount of surface area for me to have intense sensations.

The controls are located inside of a plastic oval area.  There is an  on and off button and a lower button that controls the patterns.  There is a small light that glows a purple color that lights up when the toy is on.  This is important since the toy doesn’t vibrate unless you have contact and pressure.

The Sybil has 7 different functions. Since there are the 4 sensors in the shaft area, as all of them are activated the vibrations intensify.  The 5th motor is located in the clitoral arm.  You have vibrations, pulsations, longer pulsations, a mix of pulsations that are three short and two long, fast pulsations with a long  pulse,  and a chaotic mix. You have no idea what it looks like trying to get the vibrations on to the computer, since the Sybil only works with pressure I have it up to my face and the clitoral arm by my nose.  The vibrations actually made my teeth click.  (That goodness no one was around to witness this!)

The vibrations I can easily say are a 4 out of 5, they are not salsa or Hitachi level but they are only one step down.  The dual motors one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm are both strong and  rumbly.  The Sybil is very quiet, it cannot be heard over the covers and with insertion you can barely hear it at all.

The Sybil is rechargeable with the port being on the end that the controls are located.  The push in style connector will charge for 90 minutes on it’s first use.  The vibrator will run for a full 90 minutes on that initial charge.  There is a red light that glows when it is charging.

The only drawback that I found to the Sybil is that with cleaning there is the seam at the oval plastic area where the controls are located, as I turn the clitoral arm back and forth this seam tends to open up more and secretions can get in this area.  You have to be sure to pay close attention to this area.  You can wash Sybil up with antibacterial soaps and water, toy cleansers such as the foaming cleanser from Sutera, toy wipes.  You can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.

I store my Sybil in the box that it comes in but lately it’s been living on my nightstand. It has risen high on my list of toys that I like to use.  You can also store it in a plastic baggy.  You can store pure silicone toys together but if they aren’t pure silicone you can compromise the finish on the toys.

The Sybil really does have some powerful vibrations and it really does please me.  The technology is great with the touch sensors if the vibrations seem to be too strong you can simply back the toy out a little bit and they will decrease.  It hits my anatomy just right.  I would definitely suggest this one!

The Sutera Sybil is available at Lovers Package

Thanks to Lovers Package for sending me this wonderful toy to review.

I Have a Special Surprise.....

a 40% off Coupon Code for the Entire Sutera line.

Enter code SXTB13  

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Just a Peek.....

Come see who is Being Sinful...

Sinful Sunday

Sexy Words and Phrases

Sexy Words and Phrases From A to Z

A  is for Anal and Aslan Leather products!

B  is for Boobies and Balls

C  is for  Creaming myself

D  is for Doggie Style, my favorite!

E  is for Ecstasy and Erupting

F  is for Floggers and Fells good

G is for Glorious after Glow

H  is for Hot and Horny

I  is for Inside of me

J  is for Jumping on it

K  is for that Kiss

L  is for Love and Lust

M  is for Moans from my Mouth

N   is for  Naughty and  trying New things

O   is for the Orgasms

P   is for the Prostate Play that makes him Purr

Q is for the Quietness that follows or the Quickies!

R is for the Relief and Release

S  is for the Sensations all over my body

T is for the Toys and the Thrusting actions

U is for Undress me and Under you

V is for the Vagina

W is for the Wet spot that grows Wider

X is for the X rated actions in my room

Y is for the Yearning, and Yes, Yes, Yes!

Z is for the  Zest at which we play and Zooming through the positions.

Come Play along.. Becks and her Kinks

Give away from Kissing Blue Karen

Kissing Blue Karen's Giveaway


Bondage Giveaway

s&M logosB
As you can probably guess, Miguel and I play a bit rough from time to time. We have a nice little collection of spanking and bondage toys and I really get off when Miguel ties me up. We don’t have the best furniture for bondage so a while back we invested in some bondage aids to add to our collection. Two of my favorite items are the Bed Bondage Restraint Kit and the Spread the Love Bar, both from Sportsheets. These handy items are both really easy to use.

Play Passions has generously allowed me to host a giveaway of one these items for two lucky readers. This giveaway is for both of these items one for each winner. I would highly recommend either of these items for bondage play. The nice thing about either of these items is that they can discreetly be stored.

₪ The Spread the Love Bar ₪

 spread the love bar
The total length of this bar is 15″. It is firm with a slight bit of give with a bit of muscle. This is a device aimed to keep the legs and/or arms spread during play. It has four velcro closure straps that measure 12″ total when unfolded. These cuffs will fit most players and can be adjusted (obviously). It can be used for just arms, just legs or both.

₪ Bed Bondage Restraint Kit ₪

bed bondage restraint kit
This kit contains a strap system which will fit any bed. It has 60″ polypropylene webbing strap connected to 4 straps which are all also 60″ long and adjustable for a tight fit. The four straps all have 2″ wide Velcro enclosure which will fit an extremity up to 14″ around. The straps tuck neatly under the bed for discreet play.
Enter to win one of these, just be sure to tell me which one you are most interested in. This giveaway is open worldwide and ends 3/13/13.
I have opted to use tweets as a way to enter for now to get the contest out there, but I may alter options to enter for daily entries. So check back for more chances to win!

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Something for the weekend,  New Toys!!

Mixing it up with Old Favorite Toys.

Hope to Be having more fun!

Check out the others!

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Want to be included in next weeks edition? All you need to do is visit this page and submit your latest reviews and photographs before 11:59pm BST on Thursday 28th February 2013. Confused about our new submission system? No problem we%u2019ve created a step-by-step video to help.

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                • Thursday, February 21, 2013

                  Enjoy Parma from Vibrator Kingdom

                  Enjoy Parma by Love to Love

                  Glows in the Dark
                  Rings to change textures
                  Rings add girth
                  O ring compatible
                  Suction cup base
                  G spot stimulation

                  Can be hard to put rings on
                  Base may not be sufficient for anal use

                  *** The Enjoy Parma was given to me in exchange for an honest review.  According to FTC guidelines.***

                  I would like to thank Donna at Vibrator Kingdom for sharing this neat dildo with me.

                  The Enjoy Parma is a slightly flexible, versatile dildo.  It can be used by boys or girls.  Both for vaginal or anal use.   It has 12 rings included with it to change the sensations of texture and girth.  It is O ring compatible if you leave the bottom ring off of it.  You can also suction it to your shower wall and have extra fun in the shower.  It is really neat in the fact that the shaft does glow in the dark.  The ring do put off a glow but it is not as pronounced as the  glowing of the light blue shaft.  It gets even better under a black light.

                  I am quite a sucker for cool looking dildo’s and ones with girth and texture, the Parma full fills all of my wants!

                  The Enjoy Parma is made from silicone, it is hypoallergenic, and non porous.  It is latex and phthalates free.  There is no taste or smells to it.  This silicone is slightly tacky and will collect lint and hair. The Parma does have a seam along the head but it cannot be flelt with use.  The shaft is somewhat flexible but when you have the rings on it looses some of the flexibility.  The Enjoy Parma cleans up easily with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  You can throw it in the dishwasher, boil it, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution for sterilization.  You do need to remove the rings with cleaning do get all of your secretions off of the shaft.  I only use water based lubes with my silicones.

                  The Parma’s shaft is a total length of 7 inches, 6 ¾ inches insertable.  The head of  Parma is 1 ½ inch diameter.  You receive 12 rings with the Parma, each ring is ½ inch tall and ¼ inch thick.   The inner opening of the rings is only 1 inch across. Since the shaft is 1 ¼ inch you have to stretch the rings to get them onto the shaft. Once you have them in place, the rings do stay where you put them.

                   You can place as many rings on to the shaft as you want and you can place the rings on any portion of the shaft that you wish.  I was concerned that the rings would move up and down the shaft when I used the dildo but they staid where I put them.  So if you prefer the textures more towards the tip you can place the rings closer to the head or in the middle or towards the base, they actually stay.  Even when you add lube the rings don’t move.

                  Placing the rings onto the shaft can be an issue, it was easier to place the rings from the base end, they were to difficult to stretch over the head.  I found that my hands almost started to cramp when I was getting the last 2 in place.  I  also found that when I had all of the rings in place that the base only extended approximately ½ inch from the shaft and this may become an issue if you try to use it anally as it may not be enough of a size difference to stop the dildo from going missing.

                  The Enjoy Parma comes in a package that hold the shaft on one side and the rings in a second compartment.  I do store mine in the box so that the rings don’t go missing.

                  I really enjoy using this dildo, I can place the rings at different intervals on the shaft to see where I like the stimulation most.  I have found that I like them closer to the base and I also like them spaced out 2 at the tip, 2 in the middle and two at the base.  I can get g-spot stimulation with it.  The Parma is not curved for g-spotting but with the rings in place it does rub me in the right areas!   I do like textures and the rings can definitely  be felt with use.

                  The only real drawbacks are when I place the rings I need to take a break because my hands start to hurt.  This really isn’t a big thing.  I haven’t used this one anally but if I do I would probably use it suctioned to something or in a harness.  I am just not that trusting of a small flange.

                  I can easily rate this one a 5 out of 5.  I like my “nonrealistic” dildo’s and the ones that work to excite me.  This one does just that!  This dildo will be on the top of my toy pile and played with often.

                  Thanks again to Vibrator Kindom for sending me this Great looking Girthy Dildo to review.

                  Vibrator kingdom is based in the UK.  Donna has built the best looking Toy store web site that I have ever seen. In the realm of web based businesses, this is the most appealing site  that I have ever seen.  To me it looks more like a fantasy game It appeals to me aesthetically, I literally can sit and play on her site to just check out her images in the different areas.  I have referred  friends and family check out the site just to see how it looks.  Each of the scrolled areas have a different image in the background. 

                  Pleasure Palace
                  It is very apparent that Donna has spent a great deal of time and energy on her site, It looks appealing and it seems that her site sells the Best of the Best toys. Vibrator kingdom also put's in the extra effort and pays attention to details for their  customers,  The toys that I ordered came packaged in a reusable plastic box with artificial popcorn mixed with dried flowers for packing materials. I truly felt like I was receiving a gift. 

                   I live in the USA, Ordering from Vibrator Kingdom was very easy and the Shipping cost is fair, not an extreme amount of money.  I will purchase from Vibrator Kingdom again and I will continue to refer guests to their site!

                  Tuesday, February 19, 2013

                  Wicked Wednesday

                  It's time again.  I was on a holiday for Valentines day,  Look what I got!!!

                  he wouldn't let me post the picture of him wearing it, but it is an Ox balls Sport Fucker and  it has got my full approval!!

                  It worked will with the collar!!

                  Come see who is being wicked with me....