Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lori's Bags

Toy Storage Bags from Lori

For when you want that special bag for your special toys.  Lori has been making up some really pretty bags. Lori has also started to make up some steampunk inspired bags.

You can get them with and without padding.  You can purchase some of her pre-made bags or she will make up some custom ones.  You can see some of her designs on her site

From silk to satin and velvet.   I have to giver her credit for her attention to detail.  The bags have great construction and craftsmanship  You can use them for your sex toys, make up and other necessities.  These are great for travel and to even throw in your bag for everyday use.

Be sure to check out her site

1 comment:

bluekaren said...

Oh Wow! I love these. They are really inexpensive, too. What a great idea!