Saturday, March 2, 2013

Agreeable Agony Rope

Agreeable Agony Rope

I have been seeing images of people tied in rope with the most beautiful designs.  Some are quiet kinky and some lean more toward the exotic side.  This has really begun to appeal to  me.  So Agreeable agony has agreed to assist me in my rope working Journey.  Special thanks so Agreeable Agony for sponsoring a review of your rope.

*** The rope has been given to me by  Agreeable agony in exchange for an honest review, According to FTC guidelines.***

I am a beginner and in no  way want to make anyone think any differently.  I chose to start with the rope that is available at Agreeable agony because I really like the way that their rope looks.  It looks soft and they have amazing varieties of colors.  In starting my search for rope I found that many sources say that the types of rope that people use is simply personal preference.  For making basic knots and simple bondage techniques most ropes will work.  It is when you get into suspension and more exotic types of bondage that the types of ropes and the strength of the rope becomes a concern.

I really don’t like the look of the hemp style rope and after speaking to people who use it, it sounds like a whole lot of care and maintenance that I don’t want to have to deal with as a beginner.  Perhaps if I move further into rope bondage that might become an option.  The whole idea of running out to the hardware store or going to the garage for some rope really didn’t appeal to me either.  That nylon rope in the garage hurts my hands when I have had to deal with it and I don’t want that wrapped around my body!

The rope that I purchased and the rope supplied to me by Agreeable Agony is a ¼ inch Solid Braid MFP.  So what the heck is MFP, Multi Filament  polypropylene.  This means that the rope is made with colored filaments and the colors will not bleed.  The rope is resistant to most oils and lubes.  It is waterproof  and you can throw it in your washing machine to clean it up.  It is best to allow it to air dry but don’t place in direct sunlight as the sunlight could cause your rope to fade.

The rope ends are finished so that they will not unravel with use.  There are many resources available on how to finish your cut ends if you need to cut the rope to your  needed lengths.

This rope is soft and it has some give to it when you pull it.  You can move it back and forth in your fingers and  you can feel the give.  It is still possible to get rope burns from this type of rope so be careful with play.  Be sure to have your safety shears with you when wrapping your partner up as you want to be able to have an escape mechanism if needed.

I am still learning and I have my books so that I can learn to tie all the neat designs.  For a beginner this rope is awesome and non intimidating, it doesn’t require high maintenance and it is reasonably priced.   It is meeting all of my needs and I would definitely purchase it again and probably will in more colors.  I can easily rate this one a 5 out of 5.

Thanks again to Agreeable Agony

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