Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cockatrice Bad Dragon

Crackers the Cockatrice From Bad Dragon

The Crackers is an awesome textured member,  it belongs to a massive blue and red leather feathered being.  You have to take it to your own imagination from there.   The cockatrice is a mythical creature.  There are some versions on the game of World of Warcraft and several other video/fantasy games.  It is basically a 2 legged dragon with a rooster head.  It is quite fun to google the images to see artists renditions of what they believe the cockatrice would look like.

 The crackers has nubs that are slightly spiky on his base, they don’t hurt but boy do they thrill when they hit your clitoral area.  He also has the feathers present around the base.  He has layers of nubs, with there being 8  on the bottom layer. They become less pronounced as they move up the shaft.  Along the posterior there is a large vein present.  He has a pronounced head, with 3 layered ridges present, there are slight nubs present on the ridges.  He has a very pronounced urethra.

My cockatrice is a small.  He has a base that is not a suction cup but he actually sticks to flat surfaces.  The base is 4 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches.   His shaft begins 1 5/8 th of an inch from the bottom of the base.  His total length is approximately 7 ½ inches insertable length is approximately 5 ½ inches.  His greatest girth measures 2 inches.  His head has a diameter of  1 ¾ inches.

The Cockatrice comes in multiple sizes ranging from small, medium, large and extra large.  You can see all of the dimensions available at Bad Dragon Crackers

My Cockatrice is a medium density.  The bad dragon’s come in a variety of densities from soft 3, medium 5 and firm 8.  The firmness of 5 provides the cockatrice enough stability to stand up straight, he is squishy and when you grasp him in your fist he has give to him. He is easy to insert vaginally without any difficulty.  I have not used him anally.

The cockatrice can be used anally or vaginally.  He is able to provide a wonderful filling sensation, the nubs and spikes produce thrilling sensations.  The spikes are not firm enough to cause any discomfort.  I am able to insert cockatrice and then have the flexibility in the base to rub the nubs on my clitoral area.

You can customize all of your bad dragons to the colors that you choose.  I actually purchased my cockatrice as a surprise me.  Bad dragon did wonderful with the surprise.  Mine is a wine color with a somewhat metallic navy antiquing present.  Some toys have toy exclusive colors only for that toy and then you have standard colors.  Again color options can vary with each toy and you can see your options at Bad Dragon.

The Bad dragons are made from a nonporous Platinum cured Silicone.  The silicone does collect lint and hair.  There is no odors or tastes to the toys.  There is quite a bit of drag to my bad dragons.  They are easy to clean, you can throw them in your dishwasher, boil them, a 10% bleach solution, or wash them up with antibacterial soaps and water.  Only use water based lubes with your bad dragon, no silicone lubes!!    When you receive your bad dragon they usually include a sample disc in one of their firmness's.  You can use this sample disc to test your lube on to see if it will hurt your bad dragon in any way.

There is actually no special storage requirements for the bad dragons, you can store them in a baggy, in the bag that they come in, in your sock drawer.  According to the bad dragon forums you can store it anywhere away from prying eyes.

Bad dragons come with minimal packaging of a clear plastic bag with a label of the toy.  There is actually a made in the USA or Grown in the USA sticker on the bottom. They usually include a sample disc also all wrapped up in tissue paper.

One of the only drawbacks of custom ordering your toys from bad dragon is the waiting that is involved if you custom order your toy.  This has nothing to do with the toy but I am not the most patient of persons so it may be something that you take into consideration whether purchasing a surprise me, an already produced or a custom toy.

For me, this is one of my favorites,  he is very filling but not uncomfortable.  I have only used him vaginally and the 5 medium firmness is awesome, he has form but is not too firm and not too soft.  I am able to move the base so that the nubs and spikes hit my clitoral area just right.  This one is great for those who love their girth and  textures.  You can tell the textures are there as it travels in and out of your orifices.  The nubs do provide me with g-spot stimulation and can produce some wild orgasms.

You can purchase this Crackers and many other Bad Dragon Toys at


GrittyWoman said...

This is going to be my next Bad Dragon toy. Looks amazing and love the colours you have here.

Chastity Darling said...

I love the colors you ended up with on this toy. His texture looks amazing!!!

MrsHellKat said...

Reading your review has certainly peaked my interested in this design xxx great review as always xxx

llellsee said...

I finally got my hands on a small flop Cockatrice as an anniversary gift from hubby a few months ago, having had my eye of him for a long time he didn't disappoint.

I agree his girth and texture are heavenly and he's one of the few BD toys where I don't see myself upgrading to a medium. Nicely filling for a small :)

barkergirl33 said...

I'm still wishing my 1st Bad Dragon, i really like your review of the Cockatrice, the different sensations sound like this would be one of picks. I like both colors posted, and it sounds like a good size for me also. Enjoyed the detailed review-a big help in making my pick! ~Raine~

Becky Whee said...

This one looks a lot like the Alien dildo. How cool! Sounds wonderful!

scarletrosevixen said...

I am not sure I could handle the textures on this one, but oh do I love the coloring of the one you have!

Rose Thorne said...

Awesome toy!

Amanda said...

I love the colors, dont think i would like the texture, but looks so fun.

Aliesiar said...

He's so pretty. I hope to own one some day.

sexsational said...

I like the different textures, and especially the ones near the base. I always need clitoral stimulation, so a toy that can pull double-duty is awesome.

Sugarcunt said...

I totally love texture - I bet this dildo would be completely awesome!