Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Expert G

Expert G by Dorcel

This one is most interesting,  it actually has some girth to it and it really isn't that big of a toy.  It has the textures present that can be felt when using it.  It really does seek and please your g- spot.  It can be used vaginally, but I would be concerned with the lack of base when trying to use anally. You can also use it for some clitoral stimulation.

It is made from a premium silicone.  There is no taste or smell to the silicone.  It is hypoallergenic, non porous, phthalates and latex free.  The Dorcel toys come in the bright pink color.   There is a slight seam that runs up the middle portion of the shaft  and it really cannot be felt with use. The silicone of the expert g is a soft squishy but firm silicone.

You can slightly bend the toy in the bulbous tip area but not much and the silicone is textured in a way on the shaft with it's 3 humps that you can feel it with use. Even though it will bend slightly you can still get firm pressure on your G-spot.  The silicone will collect some lint and hair but it s not as bad as the stickier type of silicone.  I wouldn't say that the Expert G is velvety but it is some where in the middle.

The total length is 6  inches and the insertable portion is  4  1/2 inches.  The greatest diameter is 1  1/4   inches.  The cap on the end has the one bright pink button and the cap extends down 1  1/4  inches.  The cap does a half turn to screw on and the cap can be a tricky pain in the butt!  There is a waterproof O ring present, but I wouldn't totally  submerge it but it should be safe for shower play.

The Expert G has 10 functions that are controlled with the end hot pink button.  It runs of 2 AA batteries.  I was quite impressed with it's vibrations.  I would say that it is a solid  4 vrooms. It has a rumbly deep type of vibration.  It is impressive for a battery operated toy.   It is not the quietest but once inserted it really shouldn't be heard over the covers.

The Expert G has 3 levels of vibrations, low, medium, and high.  It then goes into patterns, there are a total of 7 patterns. A slow pulsation, a faster pulsation.  Three short pulsations and then does a roller coastering effect.  One short pulse and roller coastering.   Two short pulsations  and then an up and down then down and up  effect.  A low pulse and 4 fast pulsations.  Up and down roller coastering and then random pulsations.

The Expert G is easy to care for, antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays and wipes.  You cannot boil due to the motor.  It does have some drag to it so use of water based lubes is needed.  Don't use any silicone lubes as it can ruin the finish on the toy and you may be able to use some hybrid lubes. Spot test them near the back of the vibe first.

The Expert G can be stored in it's box or in  a plastic baggy away from your other toys.  I store mine touching other Dorcel toys but  if I am unsure of the materials that toys are made from I don't let them touch in storage.  Plastic baggies are cheap and they do protect the toy form lint and hair.  Also store them away from your pets so that they don't destroy them!

The Packaging of the Expert G is pretty nice although not discreet.  It does have a naked female on the ends and the lid is magnetized to open and show the toy through clear plastic. There is product information on the box and it is in several languages as well as an insert in several languages.

I like the flexibility that this toy has and even though it isn't large, it is very powerful and you can get the right amount of firmness to stimulate your g-spot.  I really don't have anything bad to say about it.  Yes, it would be nice to have it rechargeable but then you are looking at a whole different price point.  I would suggest this one to both beginners and experienced toy users.  I would definitely purchase this one again.

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