Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leather Slapper

Narrow Leather Slapper from Sportsheets

This one has one hell of a sting to it.  It actually stings worse that solid paddles.

The split leather has 2 layers that slap together as it hits your skin giving it an extra punch.  The leather glides across your skin nicely and adds for some wild sensations.

The leather slapper has a total length  of 17 ½ inches.  It is 2 ¼ inches across.  The leather split portion is 6 inches up from the end.  The handle portion has a width of 1 ¼ inches and fits easily into your hand.  The ring at the end has a nylon strap that will fit around your wrist and allow you to hand the slapper when not in use.

You can clean up the slapper with a damp wash cloth and condition it with any type of commercial leather care products.  It smells wonderful to those of use who like the smell of leather.  In the inside of the slapper the leather is not finished, it is not dyed like the outsides.

You can store this one between your mattress and box spring if you may have prying eyes or hang it on a hook in your room if discretion is not needed.  This slapper should last you for years of play.

Make sure that you have open lines of communication so that you know when your sub has had enough and watch for non verbal signs that you may be hurting them more than you intend to.

The slapper leaves some bright red marks on the skin and it is best used on the buttocks but you can use it on other areas.  It really does sting more than thud.  Make sure you do some rubbing on that oh so sensitive skin when you are done.

I really cannot tell you which I prefer more the thud of a paddle or the sting of the slapper, each is a completely different sensation.

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