Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun Factory Toy Storage Bags

Fun Factory Toy Storage Bags

I love it!  A storage bag that is waterproof, has  sturdy construction , and comes in assorted sizes.
 The only drawback is trying to find them.  I am always on the look out for toy storage.  I finally found a good one. I just received an XL toy storage bag from Fun Factory.  I can't believe that I hadn't found these before.  There are actually very few stores or sites that carry them and I purchased mine from Vibrator Kingdom

The storage bags can be used to store your lubes, your regular toys,and  your odd sized toys.  You can even use these for make up and all your assorted junk.  It basically looks like an over sized pencil case.

The Fun Factory storage bag is made from Tyvek which is a brand name for Polyethylene.  Polyethylene is a substance that is formed from spun fibers that are bonded together by heat and pressure with no additives.  This produces the Tyvek which is strong, lightweight, flexible and low linting.  It is opaque, it is water and chemical resistant.  It resists abrasions and aging.  If you have marks on  it or spill something you simply wipe it down with a soapy washcloth and allow it to dry.

The Tyvek polyethylene should not be placed in the clothes washer or dryer.  It is not flame retardant.  It will catch fire if you have it around a heat source.

The Fun Factory bags are flexible and they have great construction, I found no issues with any of the seams and the zipper's are heavy duty with a red zipper pull.  There is a rubber Fun Factory logo sewn into the corner.  The bags are white in the inside and coated with a metallic gold color, the same color as most of the fun factory boxes.

The bags come in assorted sizes.  Vibrator Kingdom  offers the bags in  a small which is 7 inches by 5 inches ( 18 cm x 12 cm),  Medium 10 inches by 5  1/4 inches (25 cm x 13 cm), Extra Large 16 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches ( 42 cm x 14 cm).

I honestly haven't been able to find the large size and the dimensions for it.  I do know that I was able to find it at Lovehoney, in the medium size.  These were not even listed on the fun factory web site.

The XL size is actually perfect for my Jopen Intensity which I have had a heck of a time trying to find something other than the box and the bathroom counter to store it.  I now have the solution!  These are great for travel and to protect your toys from lint, hair, dust, each other and other assorted anomalies.

I would definitely suggest that every one pick up a few for your toys and other assorted junk. Vibrator Kingdom has them reasonably priced.

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AliMc said...

So glad to finally see some pics of these! Tempted to get the large one for my Magic Wand vibrator.