Monday, July 1, 2013

TMI Fill in the Blanks


1. If my sex life were a film, it would be rated _____ .  Well, with my sex life since my husband had surgery it would be more like we had the season finale and we are currently with censored re runs.  The XXX rated will be returning soon.

2. I got a body for ____ and a face for ____ .        I've got the curves and perfect body for screwing but my face is not the prettiest,  I am the one you can take home to mom.  I show my  emotion and passion on my face.  This is great for being a nurse because I show compassion on my face.
3. It’s extremely sexy when a guy/girl ____ .       I think it is sexy when people sweat.  Not from sitting in the heat but from running, working out, sex and the sweat glistens on the skin and you get that salty taste when you lick their skin.
4. Doing _____ naked makes me _____ .       Just lounging around naked makes me horny.
5. In the morning, I am always _____ .            I am slow to wake up but I am always horny!
6. I would love to _____ in the _____ .            I would love to screw in the warm sunlight!  Not hot but warm.  Like on one of the pool decks with the fans misting the cool water while I am getting it on.
Bonus: Roses are ____ , Violets are ____ , YOU CREATE THE REST OF THE POEM
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I am always horny
Don't you want to cum too?

TMI Tuesday blog

TMI Tuesday blog

Sweets ~ Toy With me Tuesday

Afternoon Sweets!

In the background is a Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcake.

It does sound funny, but dang it is good.  tastes like eating Doritos and drinking your Mountain Dew.  

Toy with me Tuesday

Friday, June 28, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wicked Wednesday, What happens next?

You feel hands on each side of your hips.  They grasp at you and pull you backwards.  You almost stumble because of the high heels and the surprise.  There is hot breath on the nape of your neck.

He whispers, "You have been teasing me all day, do you really want to play?"  Your blood warms with the heat on your neck, your panties are instantly wet.  "Yes", you reply

Just a snippet today..........

Come See Who else is being Wicked....

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

TMI ~Sex Ed~

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were inspired by Sex-Ed writer Jon Pressick and his #dailysexdiscussion that happens on twitter.

1. Have you ever investigated having an open relationship?
  I have only recently even started thinking about it.  Over the past several years who have met several couples  who are into swinging  and I have very close friend is in an open marriage.  I am thinking that with my husbands health issues that this may be a possibility for me.
- Have you tried to have an open relationship? Not at this time.

2. Do you have any sexual phobias?   I have some phobia's related to BDSM but I am finding that the more I explore the more that I am not afraid of.
- What have you done to manage or overcome them?  Just by exploring with an open mind.

3. What is the best new sexual activity you have tried in 2013?  Oh this one is tough, I would probably say my husbands anal play, we have definitely worked on that one.

4. Have you ever called into a sex advice radio/television show or written to a sex advice columnist? nope, can't say that I have.
- Was it helpful? Not applicable

5. Would you use the services of a sex therapist? Why or why not?     No, have never had the need to.

6. Should sex therapists be allowed to engage in actual sexual activities with clients? Why or why not?  This is a really hard question, at some point it would become better for the person's seeking help but the trust would have to be there and that really pushes a line as far as therapy would be concerned.  I wonder how a therapist could be in the room with clients and not get horny.

I highly recommend watching the movie “The Sessions” based on a true story of how a sex therapist helped a disabled man live a full, rich life that included sex. Movie trailer:

Bonus:  Have you read any adult sex ed books lately? What do you recommend?  I have some books coming but I haven't read any at this time.  
I have read several rope work books, and practiced with them if that counts.

TMI Tuesday blog

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sin City Stripping By John Satisfy

This is a short story, only 38 pages.  In that 38 pages John Satisfy gives us basically 28 pages of jammed packed sex!  You have a wife, Jessie,  who want's to give her husband, Ryan something really special for his birthday. 

 That special something turns out to be his two best friends and him flying off to Vegas for a get away.  But, the true surprise is his wife and her two best friends planning a special "show" for the guys.   The girls primp and make themselves look like true Vegas Strippers showing up at the guys hotel room, they proceed to give them the show of their life.

As true with any stripper show, you can look and the girls can touch you but you may not touch!  One poor sap learned this early on and he was made to pay in true BDSM style.

From licking and sucking to all kinds of Fucking this book doesn't disappoint.  It is any guys fantasy.  You know how with some books, you feel the need to skim over the "dry" parts, well, with this book there are no dry spots to skim over.  

I would definitely suggest this one.  Oh, and I do love his pen name, it is quiet fitting.

FUN for Toy With Me Tuesday

Well,  It is called FUN Factory

I Really do like my FUN Factory toys!

Toy with me Tuesday

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cash Giveaway Time

Summer is Here!  Time for some Fun!

$50.  Paypal Cash Giveaway

Open World Wide

It is Just easier to giveaway what everyone wants!

Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back

Travel Nurse

Mouth ~Something for the Weekend

Something for the Weekend

Yes, this is a picture of my mouth,  I just really like the way that it looks in this photo.

Oh, if you could experience that mouth, 
it can do all kinds of amazing things.  It sucks, it glides gently over skin, 
it pouts when it doesn't get it's own way.

Watch out though, you would be quiet shocked to hear some of the things that come 
out of that mouth. 

Something for the weekend

The Ola From Minna

Do you remember playing a game called Simon?  The electronic game told you what sequence of buttons to push and then you repeated it back.  The game got progressively more challenging as you went along.
The Ola is your grown up Simon,  you press the buttons to make the patterns and throbs that you want and Ola plays it back for you.  I love technology!!!

Ola was provided to me from Minna Life   free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.  This is in accordance with FTC Guidelines.

As I said I love the technology and they have done a great job providing us with a grown up toy that we can customize to our vibrations desires.  I really wish that they will expand the line to include different sizes and textures that will have this technology.
The Ola is just fun to sit and play with on your own for solo play once you get done being amazed by the things that it can do.  Then you can show your partner and they can play with it for a while and the foreplay can start.  I used my Ola vaginally but it really could be used anally as the control pad is angled and should stop it from going missing.  Anally it may be better to use it with a partner as the control pad may be difficult for some to maneuver.

The Ola is completely smooth and velvety.  It honestly doesn't collect any lint  or hair and it glides across your skin.  If you do need to use some lube, water based is suggested.

The Ola has a total length of 7  3/4 inches and the curved portion takes up the end 2 inches.  It's greatest diameter is  1  1/4  inches  on the bulbous end.  The bulbous end may lend to G-spotting for some.

The button closest to the tip is the Mode  button and lower button is for  the power. To turn it on and off you press the button for 3 seconds.  The light will blink when you turn it on. Fully charged is 3 blinks, partially charged has 2 blinks and 1 blink means you need to recharge your Ola. To charge, connect the magnets of the charger to the port on the neck.

The vibrator  uses a touch-sensitive control pad to control the vibrations and patterns.  The harder you touch/squeeze, the stronger the vibrations.  The pad area is 2 inches long and 2 inches wide.

When you squeeze the pad  harder you get a stronger vibrations.  Minna Ola  records your personalized  patterns and strengths and then plays it back to you like  a Simon game.  It also has a  loop function that will  play your patterns  over and over.

The vibrations are actually quiet strong and  I could easily rate them a  4 out of 5.  The vibrations are more deep and rumbly, not buzzy.  The Ola is very quiet and cannot be heard over the sheets.   Also Ola is waterproofed so you can take this one to the tub with you!

The Ola is rechargeable with a USB charging port that can also be used with a wall outlet.  It takes approximately  3 hours to obtain a full charge that will last for approximately  2 hours of play depending upon how much you play with the patterns.  When the Ola is charging the power button has a light on it that has a slow throb.  When the Ola is fully charged the light is solid.

The Ola is easy to clean up with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  You have to pay special atttention to the seam that surrounds the control pad.  You cannot place in your dishwasher as it will ruin the motor.  You can sterilize it by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution.

The Ola has the greatest packaging.  It comes in a tube with a cut out that fits the toy so it can stand up straight.  I am very impressed with the inclusion of the storage bag.  Under the base that holds the Ola is a product information booklet and the charging cable.  You get a cool sticker too!

The Ola is not really discreet, you can tell that it is a sex toy.  It does come with the nice storage bag for storage and it is great for traveling with.  The control pad has air in it and the air can leak out with changes in altitude.  This is easily fixed by inserting the end of the charging cable into the port on the opposite side of the control pad.  You then plug it in and the air levels will be automatically adjusted.

I absolutely love the technology.  I like the shape and size of the vibe but, I would like to see an expanded line with different sizes and add some textures as I do love my textures!  Great Job Minna Life!   Please make a whole line with your wonderful technology.

You can purchase the Ola from and at other fine sex toy retailers.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lovehoney Has got a Sale!

An awesome sale it is!!!

Secret Sale

I can get this Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-Spot Silicone Dildo

and this Doc Johnson Classic Medium Black Butt Plug

and Tracey Cox Sextasy

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The Butcher The Baker The Candle Stickmaker~ Book Review

Oh, a great Read!
Suzanne  Portnoy

The intimate adventures of a woman who can't say no

In reading the first few chapter's I found myself relating to Suzanne,  we had many similarities in our lives.  But then, she divorced her husband with whom she cheated on and moved on to a lifestyle of swinging and playing.  I honestly can say that there were times that I envied the main character.  She is living out some of my fantasies. She has the guts to do, what I wish I could do.

This book is more of a sexual biography rather than an erotica book, the story is told in a manner of some ones memoir. It speaks to Suzanne loosing her virginity, her conquest during her college years and the sexual history with her husband.  It speaks to the disintegration of married sex and the lack of intimacy that I too, experience at times.  

Suzanne spends some of her afternoons at a "Health Club" with special relaxation rooms.  She plays on the internet dating sites and is relishing a lifestyle of non monogamy and is just out for the thrill of sex.  She is not looking for a mate, a husband, or a boyfriend.

Her adventures take her to swinging clubs, fetish clubs and wild orgies.  She has men before her dates and some of her dates last for days.  There are no strings attached.  No expectations of any thing more than sex. She does find herself in a live in situation that doesn't go as planned.  She also finds herself  being rejected and the pain that goes along with it. She becomes a tantric student and explores many aspects of  sex.

As I mentioned, at times I found myself jealous of her sexual freedom, her ability to stay disconnected, and her only objective was her pleasure.   

I would suggest this one, it is a great escape and I found myself wondering if I could do what she has done.

The Butcher The Baker The Candle Stick Maker  By Suzanne Portney  from Black lace books.  The Book was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  This is in accordance with FTC guidelines.  

You can pick up your copy at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel or other books stores or sites.  It is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My ihora is here!

It just arrived today!  
Introducing Sakura

Review Coming Soon!

Memories ~ Wicked Wednesday


I am somewhat playing this one like the post that I did for the Radio Post.

Isn't is wild how a song can bring us back to that time and place and we find our selves pondering on the good and the bad memories.

I had a particularly bad break up and Alanis Morissette  really helped me through it.

Back in the 80's with MTV on and getting ready to go out.

Isn't is wild how our minds categorize things and memories have associated images.  When you are cleaning out your closet and you come across that particular dress.  The memories come flooding back of the great evening you had and how that dress ended up crumpled on the floor.  Or, when you are driving and you see that old car and you remember a night in the back of  a similar old car.

Seriously it was in the back of a car just like this one that my boy friend found my clitoris and I found out that I liked it.

When I  went to parties that I shouldn't have been at and I was trying things that  messed with my head!

The parties, the lover's, the concerts, the marriage, the vacations,  the good and the bad.  Those memories and all associated with them are what make me, me!  Thanks for the great prompt.

Here's another great break up song that I have lots of memories to.

Some 80's  music that evoke some fun memories.

Dang, just the memories of men with Hair!!!
See who else has memories to share.....

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Electrical Play

Kink of the Week  

I honestly don't have much experience with electric play.  I do have a Jopen Intensity  that has electrode pads on it and when I use it the electrical pulses cause my pelvic muscles to contract.  I have found that I do really like that toy.
Welcome to the ElectraStim Store

With this little bit of play with the low voltage electricity, I have decided that I do want to get into electrical play.  It has made it's way to my to do list. I have been stalking the E-stim sites and checking out the products and reading the reviews.

So my stories will be coming.