Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cross Paddle

Cross Paddle by Spanksticks

This is a fun paddle to get things warmed up in the bedroom.  Mainly your bottom.  It will leave some marks on the skin and even though it has the raised crosses on it  doesn’t really leave an impression on my skin, it may on yours.

***The Paddle was provided to me free of charge from in exchange for an honest review.  This is accordance with the FTC’s guidelines.***

The cross paddle is made from polyethylene plastic that has been coated in several coats of Latex. *** Please, if you have any sensitivities to Latex or a Latex allergy this should not be handled or used for the top or the bottom.***  The paddle is very firm and only has a small amount of give to it.  The polyethylene  is a thermoplastic that has high stress crack resistance.  It is impact resistant.  The latex gives the paddle some drag to it and doesn’t glide across the skin very easily.  It has high smacking power and you can definitely feel it.  The paddle will leave marks that match the outer edges of the paddle.

The paddle is 13 inches long and  2 inches across.  It is 1 cm thick.  It has 3 cross shaped patterns that are raised approximately 1/8 ths inch.  They are placed at different increments on the paddle.  The Handle area has two raised areas to help with your grip and there is a hole in the end for the leather cording to go through.  The leather cording can be worn around your wrist with use and it is useful  for hanging your paddle.

The latex is flammable so be very careful if you are performing any wax play or use of candles around your paddles.  The latex does get fingerprints in it and it can be marred or dented.  I am careful to store my paddle away from things that can scratch it. It hangs nicely on my bedroom wall so it also works as a great art piece too!  It is easy to clean with soap and water and can be shined using alcohol.

The latex is compatible with any types of lubes but be sure to clean the paddle after use because skin oils and secretions can eventually damage the latex coating.  I had found that silicone lubricant will make the paddle shine very well and it helps for making the paddle glide across the skin.

With use this paddle will definitely give many sensations to the sub, it leaves great marks and the sting is more thuddy than snap.  Trust me it will hurt and burn, which makes the rubbing awards even better. Be sure to have open lines of communication or the top needs to watch for non verbal signs that the sub may be having distress.

This has turned out to be a frequently used toy in our bedroom as some people don’t behave very well, It needs to be welded carefully as if the top doesn’t pay attention you could cause some damage with this one.  I have only used it in the buttocks area but you could use it on different areas of the body.

Spanksticks company is a one man show in Denmark. All of the the paddles and canes are hand made with care.  Be sure to check out his site.

Thanks to  for supplying this awesome paddle, I would definitely recommended it to experienced and beginners in BDSM.

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