Tuesday, March 19, 2013



1. What made the best sex partner you’ve ever had so good?
One that actually paid attention to me and not just getting off.   He was quite theatrical and made a big deal over  my breasts and licking me and such wonderful feeling touches.

2. What made the worst sex partner you’ve ever had so bad?
A one night stand that just did it to get off and not concerned about my pleasure.

3. Who was the most physically attractive person you ever had sex with?
A guy when I was in the Army back in the 80's. We were in training and dam he had some arms!  I actually ran in to him years later in an airport when I was pregnant with my first child.

4. How was it?
Just OK, I didn't know much back then.

5. Who was the least physically attractive person you ever had sex with?
A guy named Bruno

6. Why did you do it?
Just because of  curiosity

7. How was it?
Terrible.  He was only all about himself.

Bonus: Describe a bad sexual experience you admit was your fault.  I had hit on a guy who was at my place for a party and I wouldn't quit.  He then ended up having a huge member that took a lot of work to get it in and it went off immediately!!

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Angelwithatwist said...

Yeah I had a guy in college that was hung like a mule. One time was all it took for me to say thanks but no.. I did not know you used to be in the Army I think that is awesome.