Friday, March 1, 2013


Salsa The All Time Winner!

The Salsa By We Vibe

The Salsa I can honestly say is my absolute favorite.  I know I said that about others  previously, but honestly this is the one that I grab!  The Salsa is discreet and small. No one would ever know that this one is a sex toy.  I honestly own more than one of these and I have all of the colors available.  In comparing it to the Tango from We Vibe I can say that they are really close, but I still like this one the best.

The Salsa is best used for external stimulation of the clitoris and clitoral area.  My husband calls my red one my “little earthquake one”.  It also works for a great massage tool to get the kinks and knots out of your shoulders and neck.  It doesn’t do much for vaginal insertion and it really is not to be used for anal insertion.  There is nothing to stop it from going missing and it is so small that it will be gone.

The salsa is a total of 3 ¼ inches long and it is approximately 5/8th of an inch in diameter.

I also have been known to use this one on my husbands penis and scrotal area and he does say that he likes it.  It can be a little too powerful to use on the head and frenulum area.  I like to use it with insertable solid dildos that are made of wood, metal and glass.  By pressing it up to the dildo’s they will carry the vibrations making them shake and rumble.

Another use for the Salsa is to replace the weak bullets that come with silicone sleeves and some of the dildo’s that you can place a bullet into.  It will make those toys rock and give them new life.

The Salsa is made from plastic which is non porous, and hypoallergenic.  It is phthalates and latex free.  There are no smells or tastes to it.  The Salsa comes in Black, Red and White colors.  Since it is plastic you can use any type of lubes or massage oils with it and it will not damage the finish on the Salsa.  It cleans up easily, you can use antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.

The Salsa is water proofed and you can take it to your shower or bath without any worries.

The Salsa is rechargeable to you can save money on batteries.  It comes with a charger that is white in color.  The charger connects to a half circle shaped base and the Salsa connects to it magnetically.  The same charger that is used for the Tango and Touch can be used interchangeably.  It charges for 90 minutes for a 90 minute charge.  I have no idea how long of a stand by time you can get from a full charge.  I have completely drained the Salsa before.  While it is charging an orange light will be present on the base of the half circle.  When the battery is dying you will be able to turn the Salsa on and it will turn off immediately.

To turn the Salsa on you press the button on the butt end of  Salsa.  When it is on an orange light will glow.  To turn the Salsa off you press and hold the bottom button for a few seconds.  The Salsa has memory.  When you turn it off on one setting it will come back on at that same setting.

The Salsa has 8 settings of vibrations, a low vibration, a medium vibration, a high vibration  and a very high vibration. You then have different Pulsation patterns,  an on and off  pulsation, a low to high escalation, a machine gun type of fast pulsations,  three pulsation one long pulsation.  The vibrations are very strong and I can say that they are a 5 out of 5 level.  Power queens will not be disappointed.  The Salsa is not the quietest of toys but it cannot be heard over the covers.

The Salsa gives the pinpoint stimulation's that I like, I have actually had my first one for months and I use it several times a week.  I use it for couples play and for my solo sessions.  It is the one that I will grab when other toys fail me.  I am sorry to see it being stopped from production.   I would suggest this one for any one from beginner to experience toy users.  If the vibrations get too strong you can always back it off or move it off of the clitoris.  

I do like the Salsa better than the Tango.  I used my husband to compare the Tango and the Salsa and when using it on his back he stated that he really couldn’t tell a difference in the vibrations. It’s just the tip that is different, and the tip really does make a difference.

Out of 5 The Salsa gets a 6.  I am very sad to see it go.  I really hope that We Vibe has something comparable so replace it with.

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