Friday, March 1, 2013


The Tango By We Vibe

The Tango is a great, compact, discreet clitoral vibe.  It really is npt for insertion, it doesn’t do much inside the vagina and you definitely don’t want to use this one anally.  It does work absolutely awesome to work out some of the kinks in your neck or your shoulders too.  The tango is a counterpart to the Salsa.  They say that the Salsa is going away  and We vibe has decided to continue on with Tango.

The Tango is tiny, it is only 3 ¼  inches long, and it has a diameter of 5/8th inches. The slice portion of the tip is cut from the tip down approximately ¾ of an inch.

The Tango is made from a completely smooth plastic.  The plastic is safe to use with any type of lubes and you can also use it with massage oils to work out the knots in your or your partner’s back.  The Plastic is non porous, hypoallergenic, it is latex and phthalates free.  It has no smells and no tastes to it.  It comes in a baby blue, pink and purple.

The Tango is water proofed and you can take it with you anywhere it is easy to just throw in your bag and go, no one would ever think that it was a sex toy.

The Tango is Rechargeable.  It comes with a charger that will work with the Salsa also.  The charger cord is white so it is easy to identify from all of the black chargers.  The cord then goes into a round half cut circle, the circle magnetically attaches to the bottom portion of the Tango.  It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the Tango and it will run for approximately 90 minutes. Mine does get warm while it is charging.  I have no idea how long of a stand by time you have, I have let my Tango and Salsa run down before but I don’t have an actually time frame.

There is an orange light that lights up on the charger when it is charging.  On the butt end of the Tango is an orange light that lights up when you turn it on.

To Play with the Tango you simply push the butt end  button.  You push it once to turn it on the low vibrations setting, to turn it off you press and hold the button down.  One nice feature is that the Tango has memory, if you turn it off on your favorite pulsation setting the next time you turn it on it will be right on the setting you left off with.

The Tango has 8 settings.  Low vibrations, Medium Vibrations, High Vibrations and very high vibrations.  An on and off pulsation,  a low to high escalation of pulsations, a Machine gun type of fast pulsations, a three pulsation one long pulsation.  The vibrations at the highest level are definitely at a 5 out of 5.  If you turn the Tango on and set it on a surface it will rumble all over the place.

  The vibrations are very strong and will not disappoint even the biggest of power queens.  It is great for beginners also, it is good to by one of the best as a first toy.  Remember if the vibrations seem to much you can always just back it off a little or use it to the sides of your clitoral area.

The Tango is fairly quiet,  it cannot be heard over the covers but it is louder than some of the high end vibrators that have recently come out.  Someone lying next to you in bed will hear it. And then, they will hear you!

An extra added feature with both the Tango and the Salsa is that when you have toys or bullet sleeves that come with weak bullets you can place the Tango into the end and really make those toys rock!

I love my Tango, it has great versatility, it has so many options for the price that they ask for it.  It is actually a money saver, and it is powerful.  It works great for clitoral stimulation, it doesn’t have the pinpoint type of stimulation that the Salsa offers but it is a good second.  With the sliced end, it offers a broader surface area and the vibrations actually seem a little stronger on the sides of the slice.  It is easier to get in and out of bullet sleeves than the Salsa is.

When using insertable Dildo’s such as glass or metal and even wood, if you hit the dildo with the Tango the solid dildo will rumble nicely.  The vibrations are strong enough to get the dildo to rumble.

With massage it is easy to hold onto like you would a pencil and use it for pin pointing the knots in your shoulder blades and to start around the knot and work it out.  The husband loves for me to use it in that manner.  I used my husband as my test subject and  with using the Tango on one shoulder and the Salsa on the other he really couldn’t say that there was much of a difference in the vibrations between the two.
The Difference is in the Tip!

I love this one, I just like the Salsa a little more, I will be sad to see the Salsa go but I can tell you that the Tango will be useful too.  I would definitely purchase again.  I would suggest this one to all, (if you cannot get the Salsa).

It gets the 5 out of 5 and it definitely has earned it.

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