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Crave Duet

Crave Duet 

*** The Duet was provided to my by Love Crave in exchange for an honest product review, this is accordance with the FTC guidelines***

The Duet is waterproof, USB rechargeable, Elegant, discreet and has power enough to satisfy power queens.

This is a second generation with new improved tips. The original was designed with the tips being closer and flattened “arms” which produced a much too powerful toy that was not enjoyable for most.  Crave took it back to the drawing board and changed the “arms.”  The “arms” now have a beveled side and a flat side.  They moved the tips from 1 mm apart to 4 mm apart.  The beveled “arms” give a type of cupping sensation to the clitoris and the flat portions gives full on direct stimulation to the clitoris.  This gave the vibe  user much more versatility and made the Duet more enjoyable for  a broader range of women.

The Duet is not to be used as an insertable toy and it is not to be used anally as it has no flared base.

The Duet is made from a nickel free electroplated metal and silicone.  The silicone is the type that is velvety, silky and soft.  The silicone does not collect any lint or hair and it glides across your skin.  The silicone is non porous, hypoallergenic, and phthalates free.  The is no taste and no smells to the Duet.  The Duet comes in 3 varieties. The 8G Duet Lux which is actually data storage for 8 GB and has a 24 Kt placed band and the 16G Duet Lux which has the data storage and has a 24 Kt band and body.  You can get the Duet in Black, Crimson, and purple.

I asked the Designer and the metal base with the data storage is not interchangeable with all the tips, meaning that if you have the base model of the Duet it cannot be upgraded to the data storage option, you would need to purchase anther toy.  The tips are also not interchangeable with the new Solo.  I think that would be a great option for the future of Crave.

The Duet is a total of 4 ½ inches long, the silicone portion is  2 ½ inches.  The Duet is ½ inch thick and approximately 1 ¼ inch across.   The silicone tips are flexible and they sit at 4 mm apart. The size and the design are easy to hold on it an fit comfortably in your hand.  It is comfortable to hold onto and press the end buttons to control your settings.

The Duet actually has 2 motors, one in each of the “arm” portions.  These operate independently from each other and they make up the patterns.  The motors produce a deep “rumbling” type of vibration and the vibrations carry very well through the silicone portion but not through the metal handle area.  This is great for women who have issues with their wrists or hands.

The Duet has three buttons on the end for the controls. There is a - button an O button and a + button.  To turn it on you press the middle O button to turn it off you press and hold the same button for 3 seconds.
The Duet  does have memory so when you turn it off on your favorite setting it will come back on at that setting. The O button also changes the patterns, the + button increases the vibration level and turbo and the - button decreases the vibrations.

 There are 4 patterns, a constant vibration, a back and forth pulsation between motors, both motors pulsing at the same time and a wave pattern.  Each of the patterns has 3 levels of power.  Then you have a special “Turbo” setting.  When you have the pattern at the highest setting and hit the + button you then go into a super high powered level.  The vibrations easily rate a 5 out of 5.  The duet is actually as quiet as they say.  A partner lying next to you in bed will hear you before they hear the toy.

To charge the Duet you simply plug it into your USB port.  You have to make sure to push the middle O button to start the charging or it will not charge.  This is most important to us who don’t read the instructions first.  It will take approximately 1 ½ hours to 2 hours to fully charge. The charge will last for 2 hours.  I am uncertain of stand by time but I know that it is at least two weeks.

A really neat feature is that when you turn the Duet on by pushing the O button, you will feel pulses initially. The pulses indicate the level of charge that you have left on the Duet.  4 pulses is a 100% charge, 3 is 75%, 2 is 50% and 1 pulse is 25% battery left.  This is nice so you know to charge it and it won’t go dead without giving you notice.

You can clean up your Duet with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  It is suggested to only use water based lubes.  The Duet is completely submersible up to 100 feet so you can take it to the tub with you.

The Duet is very discreet and I doubt that most people would ever believe that it was a sex toy.  You pop the charging portion in the USB port and it looks like data storage, you can charge it anywhere.  The Duet comes with a sleek looking leather storage pouch that I actually use to store my toy.  It has minimal packaging and the entire toy looks very elegant and streamlined.

I am impressed and yes, I do believe that the Duet with all of it’s features is really justified in the price.  I have found that I is quite strong and will even work through clothing. At times it even feels a little strong, but I can turn the side to the beveled side and continue on with play. The Duet  does produce orgasms and multiple ones if you wish.  This could even be used for forced orgasms for those into heavier play. It also works great on the male erogenous zones and for nipple stimulation.

In comparing this one to some of my other clitoral vibrators that are made from plastic, I like this one better since it is easier to hold on to and the vibrations don’t carry into my hands and make them itchy and numb.  This one will definitely be living on the night stand and won’t make it into the toy box.  I would suggest this one for all from beginners to experienced toy users.

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Lilly said...

Interesting! I am intrigued by this pricey lil thing, but I'm 99% sure I'll never get the chance to review it. SAD, but....ah well.
It does look like they made nice changes from the first generation.