Sunday, March 31, 2013

Le Magnifique

Le Magnifique
From 1969 Curiosities Desireables

I am very impressed with this one.  For being a battery operated toy it really does deliver!  It has great power and I would definitely say that the power rates about a 4 out of 5 on the power scale.  It is somewhat of a rabbit vibrator as it has a clitoral attachment with these great little bumps.

I was lucky enough to pick this one up at   Vibrator Kingdom for their Easter sale.  I am not disappointed in my purchase.

There are all kinds of Pro's to this one:

Soft, Flexible shaft
Flexible Clitoral Arm
Clitoral Bumps
Pronounced Head
Patterns and Strong Vibrations

There is only one Con.  The vibrations seem to decrease in the clitoral arm with heavy pressure.

The Le Magnifique is for girls, it is for spontaneous stimulation of both the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time.  It may or may not hit your g-spot depending on your anatomy. There is a curve to the pronounced head.

 It is 7 inches long and has an insertable area of approximately 4 inches.  The clitoral arm is 1 3/4 inches off of the base.  It's diameter is 1  1/4 inches on the shaft and the pronounced lip of the head sits back 1  1/4 inches from the tip.  The lip of the head is raised approximately 1/8 of an inch.  The diameter of the clitoral arm is approximately 1/2 inches. There are 3 medium sized bumps on the clitoral arm and they are raised approximately 1/8th of an inch.  They  hit  my clitoris perfectly and increase the stimulation. The last 1  1/2 inch of the toy is the cap and the control button.

The Le Magnifique is made from silicone.  It is a soft velvety type of silicone.  It does collect some lint and hair.  It glides across the skin nicely but I would still recommend some water based lube with use.  There is no taste or smell to the toy.  The Silicone is non porous, hypoallergenic, phthalates and latex free.  The Le Magnifique is is a dark park with a lighter pink cap.  The cap is made from plastic which too, is non porous.  The button is silicone.
The Le Magnifique is completely smooth with no textures, it has the raise lip on the head and the 3 raised bumps on the clitoral arm.

The both the shaft and the clitoral arm are flexible and I like to use this toy  in a rocking motion so that it hits and rubs my clitoris at the same time as it rubs my g-spot.  It feels good.  the motor seems to be centered at the base of the clitoral arm and the vibrations carry very well throughout the entire toy.  The vibrations don't cause any issue with my hands even with extended use.

It only has one button for it's controls and the button is situated in a perfect spot for use.  There are 3  vibration speeds, low, medium and high. When you hit the button a 4th time it hits the patterns.  The first pattern which is a long vibration and short pause, the 2nd pattern is a faster pulsation, 3rd is a long escalation and then 3 pulses, next a roller coaster effect and one strong pulse, you move onto a pattern with 3 pulses and an escalation, a slow pulse with  total of 12 settings.  As far as the sound goes, this one is not silent but it is quiet, I would say that it cannot be heard over the covers.

There is no memory to the Magnifique, when you turn it off you start back at the lowest vibration setting.  To turn the toy off you simply press and hold the button.  The Le Magnifique runs on 2 AAA batteries.  There is a waterproof O ring present under the cap but this toy is not marketed to be waterproof, only splash proof.
Cleaning of  the Le Magnifique is easy with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  There are no deep grooves to worry about but I pay special attention to the area where the cap and the silicone meet.  The clitoral bumps really don't cause any issues with cleansing.

I store my Le Magnifique in a plastic baggy to protect it from my other toys, lint and hair.  It can be stored in the box that it came in.  The box is discreet with only words on the front  and the only  picture is a small one on the back of the box.  It does have a magnetized lid that opens to reveal the toy in a plastic casing.

I am so glad that I picked this one up.  I need to have access to more of the 1969 products, I am impressed.  It is very powerful and the shape with the clitoral numbs works great for me.  I would suggest this toy to everyone.  My only wish is that it would be rechargeable but I can deal with the batteries.  Warning.... It does cause orgasms so you may need towels!

Take a peek at this vibe and others at   Vibrator Kingdom.   Donna the proprietor, has chosen some of the best toys in her selections.  She also has the neatest web site that I have ever seen.  The Le Magnifique is located in the Mount Bunny area of her Kingdom.

Vibrator Kingdom has the best customer service, wonderful packaging and  they deliver to the US with a minimal shipping charge.  Vibrator kingdom is one of my favorite sites to shop!

Winners of the Lucky Me

Winners of the Lucky Me, Lucky You Giveaway.

Ali Mc


Summer Diamond

They will be shipped out this week.

Thanks to all who entered.

Stay tuned for more giveaways!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Something for the Weekend

Yeah the weekend is coming again!!!

Here is one of my Favorite toys and it's secondary use.

Come see who else is gearing up for the weekend.

Something for the weekend

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Bubbles   By Chavez Dezignz

The Bubbles silicone bubble dildo is awesome for both vaginal and anal use.  you can have increased sensations as the bubbles travel in and out of your orifices.  It is flexible and great looking.  The design is non intimidating and it will work for both men and women, beginners and advanced toy users.


graduated sizes in bubbles
Color options
Anal or vaginal use
G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation for some



*** The Bubbles dildo was provided to me free of charge from Chavez dezignz in exchange for an honest review, this is in accordance with the FTC Guidelines.***

Oh this one is fun!  It is a great toy for beginners to anal play as you don't have to insert it all the way.  The bubbles are graduated in size so even if you cannot use all of them you can slowly insert up to your comfort level.  You can also use bubbles as a vaginal toy.  It gives great sensations of a slight popping as it goes in and out.  A male or a female can use it and it has a flared base so that when you use it anally it will not go missing.

The Bubbles is made of 100% premium silicone and it is non porous.  It is hypoallergenic, phthalates and latex free.  There is no taste or smell to bubbles.  Because it is non porous you can safely use it between anal and vaginal and share with partners once it has been properly cleansed.  It is flexible, the bubbles with move with you and it is firm enough for insertion but not too soft for use.  It actually could be used in a harness if you prefer as the base will work in O rings too.  Bubbles comes from Chavez Dezignz in several varieties of colors and sparkles.

  This silicone is slightly tacky but it really doesn't collect much lint and hair but it does so slightly. You need to use water based lubes with the silicone so that it doesn't ruin the finish on the toy.  You can do a spot test on the bottom of the toy to see if your lube will interact with the silicone.

Other than the bubble shape there is no texture to the toy.  It is smooth and there is an ever so slight seam that is definitely not felt with use.  I can barely even feel it with my hands.  The photo's just picked it up.

Bubbles has a total length of  6 1/2 inches.  6 inches are insertable.  There are a total of 5 bubbles with the smallest on the top having a diameter of approximately 1 inch, the second bubble measures approximately 1 1/4 inches, the 3rd bubble is 1 3/8 inches.  The 4th is the largest at 1 1/2 inches and then near the base the bubble is 1 3/8 inches.

 The bubbles are not straight in a row they are slightly off center giving the bubbles toy a slight curve.  This curve does allow for some g-spot stimulation as well as prostate stimulation depending on your anatomy.

Bubbles is easy to clean you can throw it in the dishwasher, boil it, wash it up with some antibacterial soaps and water.  You can use toy sprays on it or even wipes.  The area in between the bubbles is not deep enough to cause any issues with cleaning.

The bubbles arrives in minimal packaging of a gift bag tied in a ribbon.  You can use the bag to store the toy or place it in a plastic baggy to protect it.

Chavez Designz has their web  page well as an Etsy store where you can purchase the Bubbles and  other adult products such as the Jollie.  You can read my Jollie Review!

This one is a winner,  really if you are new to anal play it is great because you can use just the first or second bubble.  You can work your way up and use the toy in many different manners.  It feels good for g-spot stimulation and for prostate play.  I like that it is firm enough for insertion but not so firm that it causes discomfort.  I would definitely purchase this one again and suggest it to all that are reading my blog.

Check out bubbles and other adult products by CHAVEZ DEZIGNZ.

His n' Hers G-Spot

His n' Hers G-Spot
Basix Rubber works By Pipedream

*** The His n' Hers G-Spot was provided to me free of charge  from Pipedream exchange for an honest review.  This is in accordance with FTC's Guidelines***


O ring compatible
Flared Base
Glows in the dark


Rubber is porous
Need to use a condom using anally

The His n' Her's G-Spot is a soft squishy flexible horn shaped dildo that really does work for G- Spot stimulation.  I do believe that it would be great for some P-Spot stimulation also but is was not used in that manner by my partner or myself.  It love how squishy it is and how it has a flared base that works great in a harness and it also stops it from going missing if you choose to use it anally.  It is also great for night time play since it glows in the dark.  It has great fun potential.

The Bad is that it is made of rubber which is porous.  This means if you want to use it anally you really need to use a condom with it and it is even suggested to use a condom with vaginal use.  The rubber is a hydrocarbon polymer that is made from plant sap.  It has a smell to it that even after handling the dildo for pictures it made my hands smell.  It is phthalates and latex free.  It is also hypoallergenic.  It comes in several different colors but mine is the green that glows in the dark.

The His n' Hers G-Spot has a total length of 4 1/2  inches and insertable length is 4  inches. The base is 2 1/2  inches across and fits nicely into O rings for harness wear.  It's smallest diameter is at the tip 1 inch and it tapers to a greatest diameter of 1  3/4  inches.  The very tip is somewhat rounded.  It is completely smooth with no textures.

 I have found that if I use dildo's with a harness that I don't like them to be highly textured.  I use the textures for solo play.  Also this one is great for harness play since it is flexible and you don't have to be concerned with your partner getting to ambitious with thrusting and bruise your cervix.

The rubber dildo can be used with both silicone and water based lubes.  You can clean it up with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  As mentioned earlier you have to use a condom if you are using it anally and if you plan on sharing it with partners.  The porousness can harbor bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases.

Because of the smell I store mine in the plastic clam shell that it comes in as I don't want the smell to transfer to any of my other toys.

This is a great size that is non intimidating and does actually work for G-spotting. It is not overwhelming with textures and firmness.

I really like the shape and the size of the His n' Hers G-spot.  I love the flexibility.  I hate the rubber component and the fact that it is porous.  I really don't see myself purchasing this one because of that.  I don't like to have to buy condoms or toy covers to use my toys.  If it were made from silicone I would definitely suggest it but I can 't honestly say that this will be used.

I can only give it a 2 out of 5 rating.

Thanks to Pipedream for providing me the His n' Hers G-spot for review.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


For this weeks Wickedness
I thought that I would forgo the peace...

I need some Impact!

Come see who else has joined in...

I got a Mug!!!

I was lucky enough to win a  Mug from the
nice people at Givelube.

Thanks Givelube.  They also sent me some lube to review, so that will be coming soon!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Toy with me, Dragon Wash

Toy with me Tuesday

Dragon Wash

Getting Clean

TMI Most Memorable

My 5 most memorable Sexual Experiences....

Umm, this one is interesting.  I had a lover many, many years ago that tied me up.  He then proceeded to the kitchen as I was tied to the bed and waiting.  He made himself a sandwich and sat at the end of the bed eating a sandwich and drinking Cherry Coke.  I remember that the Cherry Coke cans at that time were silver with turquoise coloring on it.  I cannot remember the sex that went with it but I do remember him eating!!!!

One time,  we had a party at our home and we had a hot tub in the back yard.  After most of the guests had left, my best friend, my brother in Law, a single guy friend, my husband and I were in the hot tub.  This ended up with  two couples on each side having intercourse and the poor single guy was sitting in the middle with his mouth hanging wide open.  In the morning...  That single guy told us about the most wild dream that he had.  He was so intoxicated that he didn't realize that it had really happened.  I don't think that we ever confirmed it for him.

When my husband and I were first dating we got a great idea.  We had purchased some of the non toxic florescent tempra paint and some black lights.  We had a wonderful time drawing all over each other and mixing up our paint!  It turned out to b highly erotic and the lights were only the black lights is a lot of my inhibitions that I normally have with dating went out the door.  It was a mess to clean up but when we went to the bath the paint turned the water hot pink so we brought the lights into the bathroom and had even more fun!  The next day the dog even had paint on him.

I have always been the type of person that is willing to try anything.   At least once.  Both my husband and myself have had some awesome times with sex in public pools, in the garage, In a parking garage.  Over the years the quality of our sex goes up and down and so does the frequency.
For a period of time back in the early 2000's I was highly orgasmic and many times when we made love I was brought to tears with the power of the orgasms that I was having.  It only happens every once in a while now and I oh so miss those days!

I really appreciate a love who will take the time and make me feel special.  I especially love the oral!!!

See who else is sharing.....

Killer Red Shoes #3

This Weeks Killer Red Shoes.  
Now Weekly!!

I thought that is pair looked good!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Shoe

Sinful Sunday

Leather Slapper

Narrow Leather Slapper from Sportsheets

This one has one hell of a sting to it.  It actually stings worse that solid paddles.

The split leather has 2 layers that slap together as it hits your skin giving it an extra punch.  The leather glides across your skin nicely and adds for some wild sensations.

The leather slapper has a total length  of 17 ½ inches.  It is 2 ¼ inches across.  The leather split portion is 6 inches up from the end.  The handle portion has a width of 1 ¼ inches and fits easily into your hand.  The ring at the end has a nylon strap that will fit around your wrist and allow you to hand the slapper when not in use.

You can clean up the slapper with a damp wash cloth and condition it with any type of commercial leather care products.  It smells wonderful to those of use who like the smell of leather.  In the inside of the slapper the leather is not finished, it is not dyed like the outsides.

You can store this one between your mattress and box spring if you may have prying eyes or hang it on a hook in your room if discretion is not needed.  This slapper should last you for years of play.

Make sure that you have open lines of communication so that you know when your sub has had enough and watch for non verbal signs that you may be hurting them more than you intend to.

The slapper leaves some bright red marks on the skin and it is best used on the buttocks but you can use it on other areas.  It really does sting more than thud.  Make sure you do some rubbing on that oh so sensitive skin when you are done.

I really cannot tell you which I prefer more the thud of a paddle or the sting of the slapper, each is a completely different sensation.

Small Carbon Cane

The Small Cane from Spanksticks

I like this one, it is also my little wand depending on what my intentions are for my play time.  The Spanksticks latex small carbon cane is great for all levels of BDSM play and it is great for beginners as it is non intimidating.

***The cane was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review,  this is in accordance to the FTC’s guidelines.***

  The small cane is a total of 14 inches or 35 cm long and it is 2 mm thick.  It has an inner core made from carbon. The handle portion is 4 ¼ inches of the end with a ring present and a thicker end portion. On the end that hits there  is a slightly rounded tip.

***Please, if you have any sensitivities to Latex or a Latex allergy this should not be handled or used for the top or the bottom.***

It is then coated in several layers of latex. The shorter cane makes for a nice snap and an attention getter and it doesn’t sting or cause as much pain as the longer canes do.  It does leave marks on the skin.  The marks don’t seem to be as deep as the ones that the longer canes can achieve. It does sting as it hits.  The latex will stick to the skin somewhat. The latex is flammable so be very careful if you are performing any wax play or use of candles around the canes.

 The latex does get fingerprints in it and it can be marred or dented.  The latex will get dull it you don’t clean it. You can clean it with soap and water or rubbing alcohol.  The latex is compatible with any types of lubes but be sure to clean the cane after use because skin oils and secretions can eventually damage the latex coating.  I had found that silicone lubricant will make the latex shine very well.

This one is great to start out with as it is non intimidating in it’s appearance and it’s whipping noise that it makes when it goes through the are is not as powerful as the whipping noises you get with the larger canes.  It is a nice “wand” to use to get attention with and start your play time.

The Spanksticks are made by hand in Denmark. Please check out for this cane and other latex products.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lori's Bags

Toy Storage Bags from Lori

For when you want that special bag for your special toys.  Lori has been making up some really pretty bags. Lori has also started to make up some steampunk inspired bags.

You can get them with and without padding.  You can purchase some of her pre-made bags or she will make up some custom ones.  You can see some of her designs on her site

From silk to satin and velvet.   I have to giver her credit for her attention to detail.  The bags have great construction and craftsmanship  You can use them for your sex toys, make up and other necessities.  These are great for travel and to even throw in your bag for everyday use.

Be sure to check out her site