Saturday, March 23, 2013

Small Carbon Cane

The Small Cane from Spanksticks

I like this one, it is also my little wand depending on what my intentions are for my play time.  The Spanksticks latex small carbon cane is great for all levels of BDSM play and it is great for beginners as it is non intimidating.

***The cane was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review,  this is in accordance to the FTC’s guidelines.***

  The small cane is a total of 14 inches or 35 cm long and it is 2 mm thick.  It has an inner core made from carbon. The handle portion is 4 ¼ inches of the end with a ring present and a thicker end portion. On the end that hits there  is a slightly rounded tip.

***Please, if you have any sensitivities to Latex or a Latex allergy this should not be handled or used for the top or the bottom.***

It is then coated in several layers of latex. The shorter cane makes for a nice snap and an attention getter and it doesn’t sting or cause as much pain as the longer canes do.  It does leave marks on the skin.  The marks don’t seem to be as deep as the ones that the longer canes can achieve. It does sting as it hits.  The latex will stick to the skin somewhat. The latex is flammable so be very careful if you are performing any wax play or use of candles around the canes.

 The latex does get fingerprints in it and it can be marred or dented.  The latex will get dull it you don’t clean it. You can clean it with soap and water or rubbing alcohol.  The latex is compatible with any types of lubes but be sure to clean the cane after use because skin oils and secretions can eventually damage the latex coating.  I had found that silicone lubricant will make the latex shine very well.

This one is great to start out with as it is non intimidating in it’s appearance and it’s whipping noise that it makes when it goes through the are is not as powerful as the whipping noises you get with the larger canes.  It is a nice “wand” to use to get attention with and start your play time.

The Spanksticks are made by hand in Denmark. Please check out for this cane and other latex products.

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