Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wink Versus the Salsa

The Salsa has recently been discontinued by We-Vibe.  Those of us who owned one scrambled to pick up a few as it has been a favorite.  The thought of not having our beloved Salsa's was just too much.  Unfortunately, for those who never owned one or picked up one before they went away will never know.  I recently purchased the Wink by Crave.  This one gets a Big smiley face and a gold star.  It doesn't have all the same features but dam it is good!

You can view the entire Salsa Review.

  You can view the entire Wink Review.

The wink is virtuously silent,  this cannot be said for the Salsa.  The Salsa is rechargeable and the Wink runs on one AAA battery. The rechargeable is nice, but I have to say when I grabbed my Salsa to do this write this up one of them was completely dead and the second one that I own was almost dead.  The dead rechargeable can be very frustrating.  I do not know how long the standby charge lasts on my Salsa's.  I have never really kept track of it.

The vibrations on the one setting of the Wink rival the top vibration setting on the Salsa.  Multiple patterns on the Salsa, only one setting on the Wink.

The entire plastic toy vibrates on the Salsa,  The Wink's primary vibrations are centered in the silicone tip.  This is great for those who hate their hands going numb or getting tingly.  This vibration also bothers those with carpal tunnel syndrome.  The Wink is easier to hold on to with it's ergonomic design.

To me the silicone of the Wink feels a bit better than that of the plastic on the Salsa.  I feel that I can still get pinpoint type stimulation with the flattened tip of the wink.

I would honestly that the Salsa is still one of my top three clitoral vibrators, it is sadly discontinued.  I would suggest for those who need to replace their Salsa's or were considering purchasing one and didn't get one to try the  Wink,  you may find yourself most impressed too.

When comparing the Wink to the Tango, who has pretty much the same features of the  Salsa. It just has a diagonal flattened tip.  I can say that the Wink is just about the same in terms of the highest level of vibration.
You can read the entire Tango Review.

It basically falls to what features that are important to you.  I would purchase the wink again before repurchasing my Tango.  They both sell for about the same price.  The Wink may be a little over priced compared to the features on the Tango.  But, the Tango is plastic.

You can only purchase the Salsa at a few remaining stores that have it in stock.

You can purchase the Wink at


Mike E said...

We also care for silicon over plastic

bluekaren said...

Oh wow! It must have very impressive vibrations for you to say it compares to the salsa. I guess I have to get this toy for myself. Thanks!