Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's all about Me!

It's all About Me

 May is Masturbation Month

I am a mother, a wife, a nurse.  I am a boss, I am a blogger, I run a household, I write notes for the school.  I do the laundry, I make supper, I drive everyone to their appointments.  I buy the groceries and I pay the cable bill. I make the phone calls and take the dog to the vet.  I feed the lizard and buy him crickets.  I make sure that everyone has cheese and toilet paper.

So what about me?

I masturbate and play with sex toys!  Yes, I write about it too.  I do love coffee too but that just isn't quite as pleasurable   It is for me and only me.  I do it to relieve stress, too wind down after long tiring shifts of saving lives.  I do it to make the thoughts of bad things to go away.  I do it when I am bored.  When I am sad, when things aren't going right.  I do it when my muscles are sore and tired.  It helps me to sleep.

There are lots and lots of reasons to Masturbate and these are some a few of my reasons.

The best thing, some days, it is actually the only thing that I do for myself.

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