Friday, May 3, 2013

Silicone Jack Rabbit Jr. from California Exotics Novelties

It's a baby Bunny!  It may not be that big but, I am impressed with the power of this one!   It fits me perfectly.  Honestly, when I first opened the box I thought "great, a pink rabbit"  I mean that sarcastically.  I was not all that impressed with my first look.  Then I put in the batteries,  we will talk about the sound later.  But when I put a little water based lube on it and inserted it.  WOW, and I did say "wow"  it really performs as well as some of my higher end rechargeable toys.  I did experience some intense and powerful orgasms with this one and it did not take me long to do so.

The jack rabbit does not look like silicone but it is.  It has actually been flame tested and it passed.  The silicone is soft and satiny  but it  does have quite a bit of drag to it that is cured with a small amount of waterbased lube.

 The silicone is very thin over the pearls and you can see them moving around.  The tip portion is somewhat curved and it  cups your g-spot with use.  I like to use this one in more of a rocking motion more so than a thrusting motion.    The tip portion is flexible to the pearl area.  There is the bulbous tip with two ridges present before you get to the pearls in the shaft.  On the underside there are two slight ridges present that run towards the controls.  The clitoral attachment really does look like a rabbit.  The clitoral arm is flexible and there are two small projectiles for antennae to tickle you.

The jack rabbit is made from ABS plastic and silicone that  is hypoallergenic, non porous, latex and phthalates free. It does collect some lint and hair but it doesn't have any tastes or smells associated with it.
The Jack rabbit Jr. has a total length of 9 1/2  inches with 4 1/2 inches insertable.  It's greatest girth at the beads is 1 1/3  inches.  The plastic base area which holds the controls takes up  approximately 5  inches.  The clitoral arm is approximately 1 1/4 inches long

The rabbit runs of 4 AAA batteries that are not included.  You screw off the cap and there is a waterproof O ring present.  When putting the cap back on there are two projectiles that have to be lined up in order to screw the cap back on.  I do believe that this is to help with tightening the cap to ensure waterproofing.
To turn the the rabbit on you press the larger top button once, this activates the clitoral attachment and the rotating shaft.  A second click of this button  turns off the clitoral arm and a third click leaves only the clitoral arm on.   To turn the rabbit off you press and hold this button. The up and down button on the right side control the head rotations.  The up and down buttons on the left side control the pearl rotations.

Between the on button and the up and down buttons there is a button with a heartbeat symbol.  This button controls the patterns.  You can reverse the directional movement of the pearls and then it goes on to 5 more patterns that can be individualized with the clitoral arm on or off and the tip rotating if you choose.  There are many, many possibilities with this toy.

The only real drawback to this toy is the noise that it makes.  It sounded like a popcorn popper to me but my husband says it sounds like ball bearings that are going out.  The sound can be heard over the covers and most likely through the closed door.  I am home alone enough that this isn't an issue for me.  It isn't dorm room friendly or roommate friendly.

The rabbit is easy to care for you can wash it up with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  The ridges that are present really don't pose any issues with cleaning.  It does have a slight seam where the plastic meets the  silicone but that is so far back from the clitoral arm that it doesn't pose an issue with collecting secretions.  This one may have storage issues.  It is not discreet, you can tell this is a rabbit sex toy.  The pink color really doesn't help either.  It fits nicely into a gallon sized baggy to protect it from dust and lint.  You can also store it in it's box.

The packaging is the terrible plastic boxes that I hate.  I cannot tell you how many scratches that I have had from this type of packaging.  It breaks apart with multiple uses and has sharp edges.  You can see the rabbit through the packaging and there is product information included on the box.  There is also an inserted pamphlet with more information.

This one is very impressive.  Don't judge a sex toy by looks it's self.  I actually enjoy using this one in a rocking type of motion.  I did notice that the pearls do decrease in speed when my vaginal wall spasms around the area with orgasms.  I did have many orgasms with this one.  For the price this is a great vibe!  I would suggest it for all who don't have issues with the sound.  I can easily rate this one a 4 out of 5 with the noise being the draw back.

The Jack Rabbit Jr. was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review as part of the sexperts program.  This is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

The Jack Rabbit Jr. is available at stores that sell California Exotic Novelties.  It is available at Amazon for a very reasonable price.

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