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We Vibe 3

We-Vibe 3

The wonderful people over at  Strawberry blushes provided me the We Vibe 3 in exchange for an honest review.  This is in accordance with  FTC Guidelines.

I love fact that I can get clitoral and g-spot stimulation and my partner can get the vibrations on the head of his penis at the same time!  Everybody wins.  The we vibe 3 can also be worn by me alone.  I can use it under my panties while I am wondering around the house doing housework and it is quiet enough that I can even wear it out of the house.  I do like to wear it while I am sitting here at my computer.  I like pressure on my clitoris and I can insert this one and sit down.  I can increase the stimulation with a rocking type of motion.  This one too, can be used for added stimulation while playing with my insertable dildo's.

We-Vibe 3  looks like a C, it hits  your  g-spot and clitoris at the same time as penetration is occurring and it has a remote control to control the vibrations so you don't have to put your hands down your pants to change the settings.  The We Vibe is made from hypoallergenic, non porous, latex and phthalates free silicone.  This type of silicone is tacky and does collect quite a bit of lint and hair.  There are no tastes or smells associated with the we vibe.  It comes in purple, rose and  teal.

Both the clitoral and G-spot areas have textures present.  There are grooves present that are more pronounced on the clitoral area.

 The we-vibe 3 has  2.75 insertable inches, It has a total length of 6  3/4 inches.   It is 1 inch across on the clitoral side and  1  inches across on the g-spot area. The larger portion is intended for the clitoral area and it is 3/4 of an inch thick.  The g-spot portion is 1 /2 inch thick. the connecting band   has a max of 1/4  inches across.  It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

 The we vibe 3 can be turned on by the button that is located on the end of the clitoral portion or you can use the remote  control.   The remote control has a limited range of 10 feet and it doesn't work well through lots of fabric or covers.  The remote is 2  1/2 inches   by  1  1/2 inches.  The battery in the remote are non replaceable and they are stated to last approximately 5 to 7 years.  The . It is a small white remote with a single button. You press the remote once and it turns the toy on,  each time you press the control it goes through the vibration settings.  The we vibe will turn off after you cycle through all of the settings or you can hold the button down for 3 seconds and the toy will shut off.  The button on the clitoral portion functions in the same manner.

6  Vibration Modes
1  LOW
3   WAVE

There are two motors that are quiet.  One in the g-spot area and one in the clitoral area They operate simultaneously, you cannot have one on without the other. The vibrations also carry well throughout the toy.  I can easily say the the we vibe cannot be heard over the covers, and I would say that the we vibe three hits a 3 out of 5 on the vibration scale on it's highest setting.  The vibrations in the 3 are stronger than those of the we vibe 2. But it is not as strong as my favorite clitoral vibes.

The storage compartment has a port where the adapter plugs in. There is an indicator light to show when the We-Vibe is charging, the light is constant  The initial charge takes a full 24 hours.

The We vibe does have a bit of drag to it that is easily remedied with the use of water based lubes.   Use only water based lubes with your silicone toys.  Since it is waterproof you can put it under running water.   It cleans up easily with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  It comes with a plastic storage compartment for storage that is very discreet and if you had it on your bathroom counter or your night stand no one would be the wiser.

The packaging is an oval shaped box with pictures and product information contained on the outside of it.  It has the plastic oval storage container that the we vibe and remote fit into.  You receive the storage compartment, the C shaped toy, the remote,the charging cable  and a product information pamphlet.

I have found that with using the we vibe with silicone insertable dildo's it likes to become dislodged easily.  I use this one for solo play more than anything.  It is nice when I am sitting at my computer to rock on.  The remote control works best when close to the unit and I can control it easily.  This way I don't have to stick my hands down my pants to change the settings.  I have noted that I can use it for almost 2 hours of play before the power starts to decrease.  If I hate to rate this one,  I would say that as a couples toy, it is not my favorite.  I like it more for my solo play and I would give it a 3 out of 5.  I cannot say that this one will be one of my favorites.

Special thanks to Strawberry blushes for providing me with the We Vibe 3 for review.

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