Thursday, May 23, 2013

Panties - Kink of the Week


I have my own obsession with panties.  I love them,  I have a huge collection of them. My underwear drawer is actually two large drawers in my highboy.  Another blogger had written that they have so many panties that they don't have to wash them for weeks.  This is me, I resemble that comment.  I take somewhat good care of my panties, I let them pile up and wash them carefully in delicate with the smell good wash and I watch the dryer so that they don't get too hot.  Then they get thrown back onto a pile.

I have  boy shorts, thong's, g- strings, v- strings, crotchless, and some that don't have a descriptive name. I have  I have panties with hello kitty on them.  I have all different colors and patterns.  I have silk panties, nylon panties, and even some sexy cotton panties.  I do not own any granny panties, I simply refuse!
I do believe that you cannot ever have too many panties.  On days when I am tired, not felling well, the weather is awful or any negative circumstances, I can put on a pair of pretty panties and it makes me feel sexy and little better.  I like to wear my sexy panties under my uniform at work.  It is my little secret.
The question is posed,  Would you ever sell your worn dirty panties?  Of course I would, then I could buy more panties.

I like to have the "pressure" type of clitoral orgasms.  I can achieve this with some of my nylon or lace thongs.  If they are tighter I can get stimulation from them.  I like to sit and rock causing the fabric to put pressure on my clitoris.  These particular panties also are great for rubbing on. Some days,  I wear those panties for the extra added smiles.   These panties are also great to wear out for the date nights so that my husband can play with them under the table or in the movie theater.

I think that the image of being thrown down and the panties being pushed aside to allow for penetration is a hot one.

I think that everyone should have pretty, sexy panties.



Molly said...

Love the red lace panties... and like you I have a massive collection. There can never be too many panties in my opinion


Marie Rebelle said...

I have quite a collection too, but not a drawer full. I think I need too buy more. Love the red lace and the bottom photo is hot :)

Rebel xox

SubReiSkyeM said...

Great pictures and nice sentiments overall! You can definitely never have too many pairs of panties :D