Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mika From Ammo Vibes

Ammo vibes is designed and created for female pleasure.   Ammo vibes vision and purpose is "to create a magical experiences".

Ammo has several varieties of toys to chose from and I chose the Mika.  Thanks to Ammo for supplying Mika for me to review.

The Mika has dual motors, it's rechargeable and has a velvety soft  feel to it.  It has the main shaft and a clitoral stimulation arm for dual stimulation.  It works great for solo play as well as with foreplay.  My husband has always enjoyed vibrations on his scrotal area and many of his erogenous zones and he stated that he felt the vibrations in the Mika are stronger than many of my other toys.  The Mika not only works for clitoral stimulation but I like to  turn it upside down so that the clitoral arm can be used for perineal stimulation and it works wonderfully in this manner.

The Mika is smooth and silky.  The silicone has no textures to it and it glides across your skin.  It doesn't collect any lint and hair.  The Mika is a hard solid plastic that has the silicone covering on it.  The clitoral arm does have flexibility to it, both in an up and down motion as well as a side to side motion.  The plastic too, has a finish on it that is soft and it glides.  There are no tastes or smells associated with the toy.
The silicone and plastic are both hypoallergenic, non porous, latex and phthalates free.  It is safe to be shared between partners with proper sterilization.  The Mika comes in the bright pink and white.

The Mika is a total length of 8  3/4  inches.  The silicone portion extends 5  1/2  inches to where the plastic control area is  3  1/2  inches up from the non insertable end.  It has the greatest diameter of  1  1/2  inches at the insertable shaft.  The shaft has more of a diamond shape than that of a circle or oval.  The shaft area is 5  inches long until it reaches the clitoral arm.  The clitoral arm is  2  1/4  inches long and it has a bulbous shape to it.    The angle of the clitoral arm is  approximately a 30 degrees.

The Mika is rechargeable. It charges via a magnetic charger connect to a UBS charger that is 39 inches long.  You also receive 3 universal chargers that the USB port will insert into for electrical charging.  The magnetic connection is so strong that you can hang your toy from it's charger.

The ammo vibes come with a full charge.  When you are charging the Mika the control panel lights up with a purple flashing light.  The light will stay on when it is fully charged.  The control panel will also glow purple when the Mika is on.  The Mika has a travel lock that you access when you press the center button for 3 seconds.  You turn the toy on and off in the same manner.    There is a up, center, and down arrow button.  You use the up and down arrow buttons to increase your vibrations and to cycle through the patterns.

The Mika has 10 patterns.  They are illustrated in the photo.

The Mika doesn't have a memory to it.  If you turn it off you start back at the lowest vibration setting.  The Mika has 2 motors and I have to say that the vibrations carry through the plastic and silicone very well.  It is very powerful, power queens will be very happy.  I can rate the vibrations at a 4 out of 5.  The Mika is not silent but it cannot be heard over the covers.  It definitely cannot be heard through closed doors.

The Mika  has skin sensor technology,  when the toy is inserted the intensity of the vibrations increases.  This doesn't require the user to increase the vibrations,the toy does it all on it's own.

Since it is waterproof the Mika cleans up easily with your antibacterial soap and water, toy sprays and wipes.  You can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.  It is suggested to only use water based lubes with the Mika as silicone lubes can harm the finish on your silicone toys.  The Mika comes with a storage bag and you can also use a plastic baggy to protect it from toys that are not  made from silicone.

The Mika comes in an attractive heavy duty box with the 3 international wall plug in's, a charging cable, the toy and a white storage bag.  In the Box the Ammo vibe makers provide you with a booklet that explains your Mika and it contains information about all of their vibrators which makes you want to try more of them.

Mika and other Ammo vibes are available at www.ammovibes.com

***The Mika was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review, this in no way reflects my opinions of the product.  This is in  accordance with the FTC guidelines***

I definitely am impressed.  It gives great g-spot and clitoral stimulation, it has the softest silicone and I like the  skin sensor technology.  I would love to see how their other vibes perform.

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