Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alia From Lelo

Alia  By Lelo

This is a hand held very versatile little vibe that makes a great clitoral vibe.  It glides across your skin which also makes it great for massages also.  I like to use it on my own or as part of my foreplay.  Of course the husband loves to have it used all over his body starting as a massage tool for his sore shoulder , moving on to the erogenous zones and he especially likes it on his scrotum.

The silicone on the Alia is soft, silky and smooth.  It really does glide across your skin and really doesn't collect much lint or hair.  It is made from  medical grade silicone that is non porous, hypoallergenic latex and phthalates free.  The inner circle portion of the Alai is a metal coated plastic.  This too is nonporous, latex and phthalates free.  There are no tastes or smells associated with the toy.

The Alia is completely smooth except for the raised control area and the depressed charging area and LELO logo.  It fits nicely into the palm of my hand.  The inner circle of plastic makes it comfortable to hold  with your index finger through the hole to control the angles that you want the toy at.

The Alia is 3  1/4   inches long  and is 2  1/2   inches across at it's largest point.  It is  1 1/2  inches thick at it's thickest.  the inner circle is 1 1/2  inches from end to end.  The Alia looks very similar to a flattened out egg.

Alia has very simple controls.  a minus button - and plus button + and in the center a button that has an oval shape in it.  To turn it on you hit the plus button, this also controls the level of vibrations.  The center button controls the pulsation patterns.

The Alia seems to have approximately 8 levels of vibrations,  when playing with Alia it is hard to discern the levels with pressing the buttons.  The highest level of vibration sits right about a 3 out of 5.  It is not my strongest vibrating Lelo.  There are 8 patterns to the Alia,  first is vibration, 2nd is a slow pulsation, 3rd a faster pulsation, then you have an escalation of vibrations.  Then a roller coaster effect.  The last pattern is a rhythmic chaotic pattern.

The Alia is waterproof and rechargeable.  It charges with a Lelo cord that fits their insignia line.  I really like this since I can have one cord to charge several toys.  The charging port is slightly indented and you press the metal connector into the port.  There is a light under the silicone that flashes when the toy is charging and remains solid when it is completely charged.   The Alia charges for 2 hours for approximately 4 hours worth of play time.  The Alia is very quiet and cannot be heard over any covers.

Use only water based lubes so that the finish isn't compromised.  The silicone does become slick with use.  I  clean up my Alia with antibacterial soap and water or toy sprays and wipes.

The Alia come in the Lelo packaging of an outer box, the black inner box.  Inside you find the toy, an insignia pin.  A storage bag, the charging cable, product information and a lube sample as well as your product registration card.  The Lelo line comes with a one year warranty.

This isn't my strongest Lelo or my strongest hand held toy but I do enjoy it.  It feels good on my skin and on my lady parts.  It does help me to achieve orgasms.  I like to use this one for foreplay, my husband likes it.  He does say that he feels the Siri is stronger in it's pulsations though.  I use this one for more of a relaxation type of toy rather than a "I need to get off" toy.

I haven't had any issue with my Alia flaking paint.   I have had it for several months and have used my soap and water to clean it.  I have heard other reviewers and consumers have had issues.

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