Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Colibri From Ladygasm

The Colibri is a hand held silicone clitoral vibe that can be used all over your and your partners bodies to excite your erogenous zones.  It works great on male's scrotal area.  It works on your external labia and perianal area. You can use it for solo play as well as incorporating it into your foreplay.

Honestly, this is very similar to some of my battery operated toys and I have to say that it is a great upgrade to have this shape of toy in a rechargeable, water proof version that has stronger vibrations.

***The Colibri was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review, this in no way sways my views.  This is in accordance with FTC guidelines.***  Thank you ladygasm for sponsoring this review.

The Colibri is made of non porous silicone and plastic  that are hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.  There is no tastes or smells associated with it.  It comes in a bright pink silicone  with  the white metal colored band and  a white plastic base.

The Colibri is completely smooth with no textures.  The silicone is soft and silky, it feels good gliding across your skin.   The portion of the toy past the curve is very flexible and can be bent up, down and side to side.   The area where the controls are located is firm.  There is no drag to the toy.  This one really doesn't collect any lint or hair.  The plastic portion is coated and soft to the touch also.

The shape of the Colibri reminds me of a duck bill.  It fits nicely into the palm of my hand.  From end to end the Colibri measures  5  inches.  The silicone portion of the toy is  4  inches long.  This toy wasn't really intended for insertion but you can insert a good 2 inches of the toy vaginally.   The widest portion of the toy is  1  1/2 inches across where the curve is present.   The tip portion has a diameter of 1 inch.  The plastic portion is  1  1/2 inches on the end.

The controls are located in the silicone there  are up and down button and  plus, minus buttons.  To turn on the toy you press the up button,  you use the plus and minus buttons to cycle through the patterns.  The down button turns the toy off.

The Colibri has 7 patterns and 4 levels of vibrations, these patterns can be on a low vibration up to a high vibration.  I can easily rate the highest level of vibration a 4 out of 5.  The power queens will be happy.  At times the vibrations are too strong to be used directly on my clitoris.  It is very quiet and cannot be heard though closed doors on the highest setting.  I would say the highest level may be heard over the covers.

The Colibri is rechargeable,  the port is located at the bottom portion of the plastic.  It has the bright pink silicone covering over the port.  The charging cable  is  45  inches long and plugs into a wall outlet.  It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.  The Colibri lights up when it is charging.  The charge lasts for at least 2 hours on a medium setting.  It decreases in strength on the highest setting after one hour.

The Colibri cleans up with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  There really isn't any special storage requirement for this toy.  Keep it away from other toys that you don't know their composition.  You can store it in the box that it comes in or in a plastic baggy to protect it.

The Colibri comes in a black box with a clear plastic sleeve that slips off.  The charging cable is in a level below the toy.  Included is an instruction sheet to let you know how to use and care for the Colibri.  This one really doesn't scream sex toy and it would be easy to travel with.

The Colibri is very versatile you can hold it with the handle towards the ceiling and use it like a tongue sweeping your labia and clitoris, you can insert in a few inches.  You can use it with the handle portion towards the ground in the same types of motions.  I really like this one and I can easily rate it a  4 out of 5 and I would purchase it again.

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bluekaren said...

This is a really unique looking vibe. I have never seen anything like it before. The fact that it works is even better!