Tuesday, May 7, 2013

iGino Review

iGino ONE

WOW, just wow.  Comes to mind when you first place this one on or near your clitoris.  It is an entirely different type of clitoral stimulation device.  It looks like no other sex toys and behaves differently!  Power Queens can rejoice.  Honestly, you don't need direct stimulation as it may be too much for some.  It works all over your external female genitalia.  It really won't work for any type of insertion as the shape just won't work.  This makes for some fun foreplay action and yes, It will get you off.

The i Gino is made from  plastic which  is non porous, hypoallergenic and is a very safe material for sex toys.  The entire toy is smooth without any textures. The toy comes in a pink and white coloring.   The majority of the toy is the motor with the nub portion being the stimulation point.  Those who like direct and pinpoint type of stimulation will be most happy. It has a cap that protects the nub when it is not in use.  It is easy to get the cap on and off.

 The iGino does come with attachments that fit on the nub, they are made from EVA which is a synthetic Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.  The same material is actually used in medical devices, carpet, flooring and shoe inserts for cushioning.  The flower shaped attachment adds another dimension to the toy, it can make the nub more comfortable and the textures do increase the pleasure factor.  There is also a small washer shaped piece of the EVA that sits below the nub on top of the motor area.  It's purpose is unknown.  The EVA  is very porous, it likes to suck up your lubes and one interesting fact that I found with research is that the EVA if cleaned properly will not harbor bacteria.  So that's nice to know because the porosity was a concern for me.

 The main body of the iGino  is  3  1/4 inches  inches long,  With the cap on it has a total length of 3  3/4  inches.  It is   2 inches  wide and approximately 3/4  inches deep.  The nub portion that you use on your clitoris is 1/2  inches high and has a diameter of approximately  1/2   inches.  It  exactly the same length and width of my cigarettes.  It looks like a smartphone in a case. The shape is easy to hold onto but may be less than desirable if you ar trying to use the iGino with intercourse.   It does work well in the cowgirl position.
The iGino has one function, on and off. The power button is located on the side of the toy.

 It's on setting is very powerful!  It is one of the top vibrating level toys that I own, it rivals the Hitachi Wand.  This being said, it can even be overwhelming at times and I have had to move it to the sides of my clitoris to have a break.  The nub moves back and forth in a motion.  To turn it on there is a slide button on the side of the toy.

The iGino charges via USB port on your computer.   The charger folds out of the bottom portion of the toy, you can plug it directly into your port or you can use the 41 inch  cable that is included as well as electrical plugs in's for both UK and US plug ins.  The USB plug in glows purple when it is charging.  It takes 8 hours to charge the iGino for use and 12 hours for a full charge.  When charged the iGino should function for 40 minutes of use.  I left it running and I actually ran it for 55 minutes when I turned it off and it wasn't totally depleted.

The only con that I can find with the iGino is the noise that it makes.  Yes, it is loud.  It is louder than the Hitachi, it would be in the range of a hair clippers or an electric toothbrush.  It would not be dorm room or roommate friendly.  It can be heard over the covers and through the door.  Even with the music on the humming can still be heard.

The cap portion will actually hold the flower shaped attachment for storage but you cannot place the cap on with the attachment in place.  You receive one of the attachments with the toy.  You can use water based or silicone lubes with the iGino.  The instructions state do not use the flavored types of lubes  or alcohol based lubes with the attachments.  The flower shaped attachment literally sucks up the lube,  I have actually used the iGino without any lubes and I had no issues.

The iGino cleans up easily with a washcloth with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays and the toy wipes work great.  The iGino is not waterproofed so be very careful not to get water into the toy.

The iGino comes in a package that is very similar to the packaging that my cell phone came it.  The box lifts off to reveal the toy in a raised area and the accessories and attachments are in the bottom of the box.  You receive the toy, a storage bag,  the instructions, the cable with the plug in attachments.   As well as 3 replacement washer's and the one flower shaped attachment.

The entire packaging and the toy are very discreet and no one would ever suspect it being a sex toy.
I am most impressed with the iGino,  the noise definitely is an issue but since this is still a new toy not in total production I hope that the manufacturers can address this.  It feels good, I can get off many times with it.  I am a total sucker for my clit toys and this one is in the top 5 that I own.

 iGino has made posts asking for what colors we would like to see it in and I think a black and red would be great!  The noise issue would need to be addressed and a  travel lock with different levels of vibrations would be a must.

***The iGino was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review,  This is in accordance with FTC guidlines.***

Watch for availability of the iGino at   www.i-gino.com

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MissX said...

I truly love the fact that it doesn't look like a sex toy at all, I love the ingenious way it charges and how I could deal with the loud noise it makes when using it. What I don't like is the name! Why every little thingie that can be plugged nowadays must have an 'i' before its name is beyond me.