Tuesday, May 28, 2013




Well I can say that I do believe that in my younger days this word would have been used to describe me.  I don't have any problems with it.  I actually miss it.  I have had some not so great lover and some absolutely wonderful ones.

I am now is a marriage for 16 years and I honestly miss the variety that I had.  I now use sex toys to fulfill my need for variety and of course I have all these wonderful fantasy's in my head.

I may come to a point that I can again be promiscuous.  I miss the hunt and the "dance" of the pick up.  There were definitely some of the left downs with one night stands but I believe that the benefits were worth it.

For now though, the toys will have to do.


Kazi G said...

I was never promiscuous but I do have a strong sex drive. Toys fill a void for me as well...

~Kazi xxx

lillithm said...

I don´t think anyone ever used this word, but I have been described as a slut. Even when I wasn´t naughty at all.
I guess, it´s just what we are. :)

Molly said...

Interesting words..."I miss the hunt and the "dance" of the pick up." ....not often but sometimes, just sometimes I miss that too.


Marie Rebelle said...

I have never hunted, but I loved it when they hunted me. I loved to be captured by them and let them touch and grope me ;)

Rebel xox

John D Stories said...

I have never hunted (was too scared) but love the honesty in your piece.

Rachel Kincaid said...

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! FANTASTIC SHOES! I am such a shoe whore *hangs head in shame*

Sorry I got distracted by the shoes.

I think that young women still get tarred with the promiscuous label because that is what society says. 'Good' girls don't do that sort of thing and when 'good' girls get stuck sexually and have unfulfilled sex lives then it is just part of the status quo. 'Bad' girls I find have more fun, know about themselves more and can be happier in the ling run. Having a sex drive is not a crime regardless of gender...fuck what society says.

Rachel x

Lord Raven said...

the hunt is high on the list of the thrill for many. Do I miss it? Hell no, I still flirt and play, but know when it is all said and done I know who has my heart

~Mia~ said...

I love the hunt and I love to be hunted..... the switch in me.

Such and honest piece of writing - love it!!

~Mia~ xx