Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

Spunk on Casper

Zombie had to get off too!

This week I could only give a little, I have been so sick that playing with my dildo's and lube was the extent of what I could do.  I am too sick to play with my self and it sucks so badly!!  You really don't to see a naked picture of wilted boobs today!

So this week's prompt is Different.  One thing that I have realized since coming into the world of Sex toy reviewers, Bloggers, tweeters and such is that there are so many different levels.  I mean some people think that I am a real freak because I play with sex toys and dam, I write about it. (Talking about the wonderful real world Jerks!)  I like to put toys up my butt, GASP!  I have begun skirting around BDSM.  Dang, I could give some people a heart attack. 

 But to other's, I am just a beginner, a novice but in our niche of the world, it is OK.  

I like the levels, at one time we were all beginners at something and then we made our way up the ranks to experienced and even experts.  In this niche the experienced and the experts do not judge the newbie's. They accept us and they embrace us.  They answer our stupid questions and make us feel welcome.   Thanks to all the experienced sex toy reviewers, Bloggers and tweeters who have accepted and helped me.

I like this Niche.

Come see Who Is Being Wicked With Me!


Curious Muse said...

You are so right. I have found nothing but a friendly welcome in this undercover blog world. Lovely post.

Kazi G said...

I love the feeling of community too :)
Hope you feel better soon!!

~Kazi xxx

Kim said...

Since finding a lot of these blogs, I feel like I am home! I might never meet some of them but they have made my life better and happier! And where else can you get that and awesome photos like you posted! I love the first one! I hope you feel better!

Molly said...

I completely agree with you, I love my niche too. It is a very liberating space to be in


Michael Malflic said...

The best part is finding that space where your comfortable from there it seems to always matter less and less what other"s think.

Marie Rebelle said...

There was a time that I was new to this community too, now 2 years ago. I have never felt so welcome in a group of people than I have in this niche that you now too have found. Like Molly said, it's a liberating space to be in!

Get well soon!

Rebel xox

Emily Daniel said...

Totally awesome post! It is a wonderful community and I am so happy to be part of it.

Sorry you have been feeling crappy, it seems to have been doing the rounds - the internet must make it contagious ;)

Rachel Kincaid said...

It sounds like by doing something different it was liberating.
Rachel x

Angelwithatwist said...

As someone who has a blog on this side and the other side I can tell you that I get more responses on this side then I do that. This niche is way friendlier and less high schoolish with the my blog is better than you blog clique crap..

The Lady said...

I love the different levels of being a sex toy reviewer, it has opened my eyes to several different possibilities. Thank you for the great post.