Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mood Naughty Small Plug

Mood Naughty Small from Doc Johnson

Great for beginners
Easy to clean

May be too small

The Mood naughty small is intended for anal use.  When they label this one as small they are not kidding.  This is the beginner’s plug.   This is a great step up from beads, but it won’t last long.  This one a male or female can use and it is not an issue to use this one with intercourse. I could barely feel that it was there.  I would say this is too small, it is a lot smaller than the beginners anal kit plugs.  This one is fine to wear for long term also.  Some may find that their fingers are even larger than the plug.  The base keeps it from going missing.

 It is made from silicone, hypoallergenic, non porous, phthalates and latex free.  I am really loving my silicone anal toys they are so easy to sterilize and can be shared between partners.  The mood naughty is easy for insertion with no work involved, just put a little lube on it, insert and go.  This is the first plug that I ever wore long term,  it is really small so there is no issues with it.  It has no smell to it and I didn’t taste it.  It comes in black and pink colors.

This little one is completely smooth and straight.  It’s total length is 3 ¼ inches long, 3 inches insertable.  It’s diameter is only ¾ of an inch.  This is why a constructions workers thumb is definitely thicker.  It has the flange to stop it from going in any further.  It’s neck tapers down to a diameter of less than 3/8  of an inch.

This one is easy, put it in your silverware section of your dishwasher  You can boil it, you can wash it down with a 10% bleach solution.  Anti bacterial soaps and water, toy sprays will work.  Store this one away from other silicones you don‘t want them to mate and ruin each other‘s finishes.  It fits nicely in the little snack size baggies.  Only use water based lubricants so that too, doesn’t ruin the finish on the silicone toys.

It comes from Doc Johnson’s in a black box with a clear area so you can see the toy.  The packaging is nothing special.  It is part of the mood naughty line and there are several sizes of plugs to choose from.

I would rate this one a 3 out of 5.  Your fingers may be bigger and it is actually a waste of money to buy a toy that is this small unless you are really just starting out and want a plug to wear for long term.

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