Monday, January 21, 2013


Collar with bondage ring from Spartacus

2 layers of leather to keep buckle off of skin
D ring for attachments
Softens with use

Masculine looking
No lining
Not vegan

This is a very simple, bare bones type of leather collar, it is actually quite comfortable despite the fact that it is not lined.  If you leave it a little loose you can turn it so that the D ring is towards the back for more versatility with tethers and leashes.

The collar is made form leather and it softens up with use.  It is very stiff when it initially arrives and you can get it wet and wear it to get it to form to your shape making it much more comfortable also.  You can clean it up with a wet warm wash cloth and  then some saddle soap.  It smells absolutely wonderful if you like the smell of leather which I do.  It is plain black with no frills so it looks more masculine so some females may prefer the colored embellished types of  collars.  Men may prefer this one.

The outer layer of leather is 19 inches long, the buckle with rivets is present at one end,  9 inches from the end is the D ring with 2 sets of rivets present on each side of it.  There are also 2 rivets present at 5 inches in on each end.  On the opposite end there are the holes for adjustments, the holes are placed ½ inch apart.  There are a total of  10 holes present.  The inner layer of leather that sits next to your neck is  19 ½ inches long.  The inner leather has a width of 1 ½ inches and the outer layer is 1 inch.

You can extend the collar to 18 inches, and make it as small as 6 inches.  It will work on a variety of neck sizes.  Some males may find it too tight if they have a larger neck.  The D ring is 1 inch across.  This is a very sturdy collar which should last for years. The inner leather side that comes in contact with the neck is actually buttery soft.  I prefer a padded collar but this one is very soft and non chaffing.

Although it is very simple this collar demands performance.  With the D ring you can slip an finger through it to move your submissive where you want them, you can tether it to lashes and to a variety of devices.  I am very impressed and with the price you cannot go wrong.  This collar is appropriate for all from beginners to advanced BDSM users.  It is very sturdy and should last for years of play and abuse.

I can easily rate this one a 5 out of 5, it has no flaws.

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