Monday, January 21, 2013

Thigh Harness

Thigh Harness from Sportsheets

Accommodates many sizes

Initial smell
Cannot change O rings
Pills in neoprene with use

I absolutely love this one,  I have had it for several months and it works great to use with my husband, strapped over the arm of the couch or even strapped around pillow.  It can be used by males or females, you can use it for your threesomes.

The harness is made from neoprene and is easy to wash up with antibacterial soaps and water, the neoprene is actually waterproof so you can use this in any type of water situation.  It does have a rubbery type of smell when you initially get it but the smell does go away after time.  It is very stretchy and can accommodates thighs up to 26 inches.  It can be doubled over  and stretch around to as small as 6 inches if you are creative.

The harness has a total length of 19 ½ inches and it is 6 inches wide.  The straps are 3 ½ inches long with Velcro and they are 2 inches wide.  The center O ring hole can accommodate up to a 1 5/8th inches dildo.  The O ring is a harder plastic piece that is double stitched into place.  I have noticed after months of use that the Velcro does cause pills on the neoprene.

The harness is very easy for travel and storage, you just fold it up and place it into your drawer.  It actually looks like a medical device and it is made from the same materials that your knee braces are made from.

It comes from Sportsheets in a non discreet type of box showing a woman straddling the harness with a dildo in place.  It doesn’t come with a dildo.  It can accommodate dildo’s with balls present.  One thing that we have noticed with use is that the back of the dildo will chafe and leave marks of the wearers leg.

This is wonderful for someone who has had an upper body surgery and is unable to partake in normal sexual activity.  It can be used on someone’s upper arms also and it has many  possibilities of where you can place it.   I especially like this one to prolong the love making sessions with my husband as I can ride his leg with a dildo and then jump onto him. It keeps my partner involved in the play session rather than having him watch me play with my toys or having him use toys on me as part of  foreplay.

I can definitely rate this one a 5 out of 5 it has so many possibilities and, it has served me well.

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