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Deuce Harness

The Deuce, By Spareparts Hardwear 


Size Options
Stretchable O ring
Male opening acts as a cock ring
Storage Bag
Great construction
Can use by males or females
Can use with 2 dildo’s


*** The Deuce was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review***

The Deuce has been a welcome addition to my bedroom and my toy box.  It is full adjustable and actually it fits my husband and myself.  I was interested in this product due to the chronic medical conditions that my husband suffers with and the medical conditions have interfered with our lovemaking.  The Deuce has brought my husband back into the action of lovemaking and has increased his self esteem and confidence. I know it sounds odd but when a male experiences erectile issues it decreases his confidence and creates self doubt and tension in the relationship.  The deuce is a great solution to bringing a man back into the act of lovemaking and helps to ease tensions.

The Deuce is a harness to be worn by the male.  It has 2 holes present.  The lower hole is for the male’s penis.  You can put it on when the penis is erect or flaccid.  The hole for the male is actually a flexible stretchy type  of O ring that can act as a cock ring.  There is a pouch that surrounds the hole and you can actually  tuck the testicles into the pouch.  The upper pouch and O ring are for insertion of a dildo.

The harness with dildo’s can be used for dual penetration purposes or for the male to use his penis and dildo alternating to prolong the lovemaking session.  It can also be for using the dildo for penetration and then when the penis becomes erect the penis can be used.

A woman can also wear the harness with a dildo present in either of the holes or both if she were to perform dual penetration on another female.  You can use it with a single dildo for pegging purposes.  You can actually place a dildo into either of the holes depending on your preference.

The upper  O ring can accommodate up to a 2 inch diameter dildo.  The instructions included with the deuce have a handy tip that if you are having issues with inserting the dildo you can  apply a condom or a plastic bag ¾ of the way down the shaft and then slide it through the O ring and remove the bad after you have the dildo in place.  You can also use the harness without a dildo and  just have the harness in place with the cock ring effect around the penis.  My husband is able to have the harness on and then use a penis pump to achieve erection.

To use you first insert the dildo of your choice.  You then place your legs through the leg holes and pull the harness up.  Once over the hips and the dildo is in place over the penis.  You then adjust the waist band with the Velcro and side straps.  Then, pull the waist band down and place the penis into the lower hole and either place the testicles into the pouch or leave them to be cradled by the bottom pouch of the harness.  After you have adjusted, pull the waist band back up and adjust waist for comfort.  You then adjust the leg straps using the buckles and slides.

The harness is made from 77% Nylon and 23%  spandex fabric and elastic nylon.  Care instructions include hand or machine wash, warm, gentle.  Use mild soaps no bleach.  Do not use fabric softener.  Tumble dry on low temp.  Line or lie flat to dry.  Do not Iron.  Use only silicone or water based lubricants.  The Deuce comes in black.  It is also easy to spot clean the harness with a warm wash cloth and soap.

The Deuce comes with size options.  There is a Deuce and Deuce Magnum style available, each model has a Size A and Size B.  The Deuce size A belt accommodates  20 to 50 inch waist,  leg straps of  10 to 16 inches.  First hole diameter  1.25  to 2  inches, and  2nd hole diameter of 1.5 to 1.87 inches.

Deuce size B accommodates a 35 to 65 inch waist, leg straps 14 to 24 inches, first hole diameter of 1.25 to 2 inches, and 2nd hole diameter of 1.5 to 1.87 inches.

Deuce Magnum size A  accommodates 20 to 50 inch waists, leg straps 10 to 16 inches.  First hole diameter of 1.25 to 2 inches, and 2nd hole diameter of  2 to 2.375 inches.

Deuce Magnum size B accommodates 35 to  65 inch waists, leg straps 14 to 24 inches.  First hole diameter of 1.25 to 2 inches, and 2nd hole diameter of 2  to 2.375 inches.

My husband has a waist of 38 inches and leg diameter of 17 inches.  The Deuce size A was able to be adjusted to fit him perfectly.  The waist band has Velcro to adjust and then there are side slides to further adjust for comfort.  The waist band will fold onto itself when adjustments are made and the fabric with Velcro lays flat and doesn’t bunch up.  On the leg straps there is a buckle and a slide that will hold the adjustments  in place.

Make sure that circulation to the penis is not restricted.  Do not use the deuce for extended periods of time.  Discontinue use immediately if pain, numbness, swelling, bruising, irritation, tingling or loss of feeling or circulation occurs.  The deuce is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure.  The device is intended to be used for recreational  purposes only and is a novelty item.

The waist band of the deuce is 2 inches wide.  On the Deuce size A, the front middle of the waist band has a white Spareparts logo present.  The front of the waist band is plain, once inch from the logo is where the leg straps are attached.  The side slide adjustments are present at 3 inches from the center logo area.  At 11 inches from the center is where the Velcro starts.  The entire length of the Velcro back is  29 inches long.  The smallest size it will accommodate is 20 inches it will be adjustable to 50 inches comfortably.

The leg straps are ¾ of an inch wide.  They are non binding. They are firmly attached on the front portion of the waist band and then they attach to the bottom portion of the scrotal pouch.  They are double stitched into place.

The harness portion is made of a very soft and silky feeling fabric.  It is soft and doesn’t catch on the pubic hairs and it doesn’t chafe with use.  The pouch is  4 inches across on the waist band.  At it’s widest through the center of the bottom hole it is 6 inches across.  In the center of the logo to the bottom of the pouch it is approximately 11 inches long.  The top hole is  ½ inch down from the waist band to the top of the hole, the 2nd hole is 3 ½ inches down to the top of the hole.  The portion of fabric in the front before the testicle pouch is  6 inches unstretched and the pouch portion is 5 inches down unstretched.

The inside top pouch that hold the dildo  is 4 inches across and 2 ½ inches long.  It has the fabric that completely covers the back portion of the dildo so that it doesn’t rub on the skin of the wearer.  You can also place a bullet into this pouch for the extra added stimulation of  vibrations.  This is also true of the bottom of the penis pouch.  The fabric surrounding the bottom hole has give to it so that it is not binding on the penis but if a dildo is in place it too will cover the back portion of the dildo.  Along all of the  entire edges of the fabric harness there is a shiny elastic type of piping that prevents any binding or chafing of the wearer.

The Deuce comes elegantly packaged in a black box, outside of the box there is a sleeve  with some product information in place and the size of the included harness.  Once you remove the sleeve, the top portion of the box slides off revealing the harness wrapped in tissue paper.  Included you have a storage pouch with the Spareparts logo on it and it has a heavy duty zipper in place. It is perfect for storing the harness in and it is made from the same fabric as the harness.  The bag has a compartment that buttons to keep it separate from the harness and you can keep lubricants or  a dildo in this compartment.  The bag is very stretchy and can accommodate a large  dildo.  The packaging is discreet and it is like receiving a gift.

I am so very impressed with this harness.  The craftsmanship is superior and the quality cannot be beat. You can find more product information with pictures at  I would really like to thank Spareparts for sending me the deuce to try and review.  Both my husband and I have no complaints with the harness and there are no drawbacks when using it.  It is comfortable, non chaffing.  It cleans up easily and it stores nicely in the storage bag and the box that it comes in.

 This harness has enabled my husband to become a partner again in lovemaking, he is not just someone holding the toys for my enjoyment.   I would suggest this harness for anyone with medical conditions that prohibit prolonged love making and it is even great for someone who has no medical conditions to use as a device to enable dual penetration.  When using it for my husband to penetrate me and then to use the dildo to penetrate the sensations of my warm vagina and the cooler temperature of the dildo is a wild sensation when making love.

I rate the Deuce a 5 out of 5 or a 10 out of 10 depending on the scale that you use.  I would suggest this to all.  There are no faults and no draw backs.  I am proud to have this as part of my collection and I am sure that I will have it for years to come.

***The Deuce was provided to be free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Thanks again to Spareparts.


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