Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Stronic  Eins By Fun Factory

Soft tip

Seam at plastic connection
Lint Collector

Move over all of my other Vibes!!  There is a new King in town!!  The new action of the thrusting rather than the vibrations is truly intercourse simulating!!  Fun Factory did a great job with this one!

It is for vaginal use only, it doesn’t have a flared base.  It could go missing and I don’t know how comfortable it would be for anal thrusting use.  It has the curve in the tip that works wonderfully for g-spotting actions.  You can use it for foreplay or solo action.

The Stronic is completely smooth, no textures present. There are some slight lines on the shaft but they aren’t felt with use. It has a silicone that is squishy and padded throughout the entire shaft but especially squishy, soft and flexible in the tip area.  This is so that you don’t hurt  yourself.  It does collect lint and  hair, it actually collect so much lint that you don’t want to wipe it off with a towel.

  The silicone is hypoallergenic, non porous, latex and phthalates free.  This silicone has antibacterial properties.  There is no taste or smells to the Stronic and it comes in pink an purple.  The silicone does seem to get softer when it is warmed up.  I did find that when I cleaned the Stronic there is a seam where the plastic meets the silicone that you need to pay attention to when cleaning because it can collect fluids.

Use only water based lubes with the silicone and be sure to store it safely away from other toys.  Definitely don’t want to hurt the finish on this one.

The Stronic has a total length of  9 1/4 inches and it is  5 ½  inches insertable.  The control panel plastic area takes up 3  inches on the end.  It’s largest diameter is 1 5/8 at the bump towards the control end and it’s shaft diameter is 1 3/4  inches.  The tip with the flexibility is approximately the first 2 inches.  Then the motor is present.

The Stronic is rechargeable with the magnetic charger that goes on the end and there is no charging difficulties with this one it snaps into place the magnets are very strong.  It won’t become disconnected if you bump it and you have to pull it off when you are ready to use it.  It is so very quiet.  It can barely be heard over the covers.  It is completely waterproof and you take it to the shower or bath.

When you place the charger on the end and plug it in the lights go from the bottom button up to the top button to let you know that it is charging.  The buttons also light u when you use it.  It has the top red fun  button and a + and - button.  The  fun  red button is what turns it on and off.  It will shut off immediately when you hit the red button.  The plus button is what increases the thrusting actions.  If you hit the fun button to turn it off it has memory to take you right back to where you were at.

It charges for at least 2 hours before you can use it.  It lasts for approximately 2 hours.  It has a max charging time of 16 hours and the standby time on the charge will last 90 days.

Now with the Stronic you aren’t talking about vibrations, we are talking about thrusting actions.  It is very strong and powerful.  It goes from a low to a high thrusting these are just thrusting in and out actions with no breaks.  Then you go into thrusting patterns   The first pattern is a slow rhythmic in and out, slightly faster rhythmic in and out and a fast rhythmic like a jack hammering. Then you have  fast for a period and then a few slow, they you have fast , slow, fast, slow. Then you have a chaotic pattern with a mix.  The thrusting actions are very good at simulating sexual intercourse.  It is just like when your partner changes his stride when the patterns are used.  I do like the chaotic mix because it is so similar to my husbands actions.

You basically have 9 different settings.  To go through the patterns you hit the plus and minus buttons.  The red fun button will always turn it off immediately.  You can also change the feel of the thrusting by pushing the vibe down ward to it hits your upper vaginal wall towards your g-spot or pull the vibe towards the ceiling to hit the back of your vaginal wall.  It also has a lockin gfunction if you press both the plus and minus button at the same time, it unlocks in the same manner.

I love this thing.  I have to say that I am a sucker for new toys but this one does not disappoint. I found that when I use it I have to get out a towel, I actually gushed fluids and this hasn’t happened to me in years.  I was able to obtain g- spot orgasms and multiple ones in one use. I can  control the directional hits of the Stronic with one finger and I could manipulate it easily, it hit all the right spots.  I love that I am in control of where the Stronic hits because when I find that sweet spot I can keep it there.

The Stronic Enis even fun to put down on the sheets and watch it make it’s way across the bed, it is wild, there is nothing like it and it doesn’t disappoint!!

I can easily rate this one a 5 out of 5 or a 10 out of 10.  I have never experienced any thing like it and I am looking forward to seeing what Fun Factory does with their new technology.  I would love to see a little more girth and a clitoral attachment! (Hint, Hint)

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Joyce C. said...

I must admit, I am really wanting to get this toy!! Sounds so unique!!! Thanks for the nice review!