Sunday, January 20, 2013

Metal Worx Nipple Clamps

Magnetic Nipple Clamps by Metal Worx

Non intimidating
Easy to clean
Great Packaging

Not strong clamping

These are non painful magnetized nipple clamps that  I really like, they add a bit to regular play but they do become tighter will wear they are not over powering.  These really aren’t for hard core nipple clamp players but for me they are great.  They take some getting used to because of the weight and size but they look great on.

These can be worn my female of larger nippled men.  It takes some work to get them on so it doesn’t work the best unless you have semi erect nipples to place them on.  They are made from brushed steel, non porous, hypoallergenic, nickel free.  They rate very high safety rating and can be easily cleaned with some antibacterial soap and water, toy sprays or wipes.  Be sure to dry them well so that you don’t get any corrosion on them.

From end to end of the jeweled tips they are 2 inches long. The round circular area is one inch across.  The pieces  that you put apart that have the magnetized end pieces are each one inch long.  On each end of the pulls there are clear colored jewels present.  These actually match the jewel that is present in the end of the metal worx anal plug.

To place them you simply pull the jeweled end pieces apart, this releases the magnet, you then hold those pieces apart and put your nipple between them and they will snap together.  Be sure that you have them where you want them before you release the end pieces because if they hit in on the tip of the nipple it can really smart!  It does take two hands to place these.

These are very solid and I found no imperfections in the metal on close inspection.  They really don’t get scratched up or show any wear after months of using them.  They are one ounce each and you can definitely tell that they are present when you wear them.  When you initially place the clamps they are not tight but I did find that the longer that I had them on they seemed to get tighter.  The tightness didn’t get painful but I  could feel the increasing pressure.

They come in the neatest packing from metal worx, they are nestled into a small metal looking box and they are nestled into foam padding.  You can store them in their packaging or just in a small bag.

I can easily give these a 4 out of 5 rating, I feel that they look great and can be used only for mild play, they are great for beginners to breast play and they just look  cool and sexy.

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