Sunday, January 13, 2013

Groovy Chick

Groovy Chick from Rocks Off

Dual Stimulation

May not fit all anatomies
Weak bullet

This is a wildly shaped g-spot and clitoral vibe.  It is in the c shape to hit both your g-spot and clitoral area at the same time.  It has quiet a bit of flexibility so you can mess with it to find your perfect fit.  It could also be used anally for some p-spot stimulation as it has the curve that can help it from going missing.  It comes with the bullet to be inserted so that the vibrations can carry throughout the whole toy.  You can use this one alone, or with a partner for foreplay.  It is very versatile, you can use it while standing, sitting, lying up in the doggy style position.  The bullet has a waterproof O ring present so you can use it in the shower but I wouldn’t suggest the tub as I don’t trust the O rings that much.


The Groovy Chick is made form nonporous, latex free silicone that is hypoallergenic and phthalates free.  It is very flexible in that you can almost straighten the toy out completely.  It comes in three colors.  It has no tastes or smells to it.  The silicone does have quiet a bit of drag to it that is easily cured with the use of a water based lube.  It collects a fair amount of lint and hair but it isn’t the sticky type of silicone and I wouldn’t call it velvety either. Somewhere in between.  There are 4  ridges present for the clitoral area, they aren’t really pronounced but they can be felt by your finger tips and with use.


The groovy Chick is a large C shape, the end is to fit near or on  your g-spot and the outer area where the bullet is contained it for your clitoral area.  The end for the g-spot is slightly blunt to tap on your spot.  It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.  Much like a hand grip.  The total length is 10 inches long and insertable area is 5 inches long.  It’s diameter is 1 1/8th inches.  It is very flexible for me it is too flexible because I cannot get the pressure on the g-spot that I need.


The bullet that comes with the Groovy Chick in a plastic on and off bullet.  It runs on 1 N style battery that is included.  To turn it on you push the button in and to turn it off you use the same action.  It is very easy to hit this button while you are using the toy and can cause some frustrations.  The bullet seems quiet weak to me and I would only rate it 2 vrooms. And it is quiet buzzy, no rumbling.  It is quiet and cannot be heard over the covers.  The bullet has a purple O ring present to help with splash ability.   I wouldn’t trust it in the bath tub as I have ruined these types of bullet in the tub before.  The bullet can be replaced with something much stronger as say the Salsa, which works much better, the silicone does carry the vibrations really well.


The groovy chick silicone portion can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher, you can use antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or wipes.  The bullet can be wiped down with soap and water or wipes.  I store my Groovy Chick in the box that it came in or it can be stored in a baggy.  I use only water based lubes so that the silicone finish doesn’t get tacky or compromised.  I would suggest storing this away from other materials also so that the finish doesn’t get compromised.


The Rocks off packaging is great.  The Groovy Chick is nestled in a box that has a clear plastic showing the toy and the box opens to the side.  On the back of the box is product information.  With a diagram showing how to insert the toy.

I tried to use this toy in al types of manners from standing to lying on my back, doggy style.  It did work the best for me while rocking on a pillow and rocking while sitting but I didn’t experience any mind blowing orgasms.  I did not have nay type or orgasms from it at all.  I really cannot rate this one high on my list of toys.  I can see it at the bottom of my pile of my toys.

I would give it a 3 out of 5, it has a great shape, it just didn’t work for me.

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