Friday, January 11, 2013


The  Alien By Fleshlight Freaks

Easy to care for

Lint magnet

I have so say the moment that this line came out I fell in love, I love textures and the alien does deliver in the texture and girth area.  I will admit this one is not for the faint of heart, it has some substance to it.


The Alien can be used anally as well as vaginally by both boys and girls.  It would work in an O ring if you have one large enough to fit it.  It has a slight curve to the shaft that will work for g-spotting and p-spotting.  The girth that it has may be enough to stimulate some g-spots or p-spots without even worrying about the curve.  It has a large base in the “ball” area that will prevent it from going missing when used anally.


The Alien is made from a slightly sticky silicone that has a glossy type of appearance to it.  It does collect lint and hair and needs to be washed off before and after use.  The silicone rates high on the safety scale with being able to be completely sterilizable.  It is hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.  It is non porous and wont hold onto bacteria.  There is quiet a big of drag to the alien so use sufficient amounts of water based lubricants.  There is no smell and no taste to the alien.  The fleshlight freaks line comes in several variations to include Drac, The Zombie, Alien, Cyborg and Frankenstein.  The Alien has grooved line lines that are vertical.  He has the appearance of almost having a split two head, where the urethra would be is a slight indentation  that runs down towards the center of the shaft, there is  bulges to each side of it.  He does seem to have some type of veining present also.  He is on the softer side, you can actually bend him over. He is a turquoise type of blue color.

The Alien is a beast, he has a total length of  7 ¾ inches  and insertable length of  6  inches.  His base is   1 ½  inches thick.  His head has a diameter of 2 ¼ inches and his shaft is  2 ¼ inches.  He has a flat base to him.  He does have the slight curve to the shaft.

The Alien is easy to care for you can actually throw him in the dishwasher, boil him, use antibacterial soaps and water or you can wash him up with a 10% bleach solution.  He does take a decent amount of lube and I would only use water based with him as I don’t want his finish ruined.  He already seems to be slightly tacky and collects hair.  His textures don’t interfere with cleaning him up.  I store him in a large baggy when he is not in use.

He comes in a neat looking box that he shows through the front in a clear plastic window.  The back of the box shows the entire line of the fleshlight Freaks.  He sits in a plastic cut out with another plastic piece over the top of him.  The plastic is very flimsy and breaks apart easily.

The Alien is very satisfying.  He fills and at first he make take some warming up to.  I wouldn’t suggest this one as a beginner toy.  It is flexible and he is nice to bend forward when you use him he can provide for some clitoral stimulation with bending the ball area forward.  When I am warmed up and ready the alien does bring me to some wild orgasms and I look forward to continued use of him.

He easily rates a 5/5, he has no drawbacks!

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