Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heart Crop

Heart Crop from Ruff Doggy

Non intimidating
Leather and Suede
Good Snapping
Stingy and Thuddy

May not be good for heavier play

This is a neat starter crop for beginner’s to BDSM play, it is non intimidating and swings nicely.  The shft is flexibly and you can get some good smacks in with this one.

It  is  a total of 25 inches long.  The end heart portion is  approximately 2 inches by 2 inches, pink leather  with heart shaped cutouts.  The opposite side is black suede.  The shaft is a nylon material over a flexible material, it is pink and black. The shaft portion measures  12 ½ inches.  The handle is made of a leather that has a 7 inch strap.   The handles leather is braided and is 7 inches long.
I am very impressed with the construction of the crop, The leather and suede heart is sewn perfectly with no flaws, the connection to the crop is 2 inches long and I cannot see this unraveling or coming apart.  The nylon doesn’t have any give to it and the handle braiding is solid and top notch.  The strap can be used to hang the crop or around your hand/wrist with play.

The pink leather  portion of the crop is slightly stingy with smacks, the black suede portion is more of a thud type of hit.  The crop can be bent to approximately 30 degree angle and it has a nice snap to it.  If your submissive stays still and you get just the right hit, the pink end will leave a heart shaped mark on the buttocks.  This crop can be used all over the body.

The crop cleans up easily for spots with a warm wash cloth, I didn’t use any soap on it but you can also use some saddle soap on it to clean any messes that happen.  It can be stored hanging from it’s strap.  I would say that the crop doesn’t travel really easily, it could be placed in a large suit case on sides.

This one has been a lot of fun for some beginners to BDSM play.  It is non intimidating and I actually like walking around the house threatening to smack my teenagers with it.  It is really hard to intimidate teenage boys with a heart crop though.  This crop will last for a long time and it a great addition to a collection.

I can easily rate this one a 5 out of 5, It has no flaws, works great and it is a fun toy for a beginner.

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