Tuesday, January 1, 2013



A New Year, A new beginning.

I want more, this is not enough

I have goals, I want to start working on them

Even though the goals are not mutual

I will see what we can do

Then I will move on without you

It’s somewhat exciting actually

I look forward to it

In the beginning everything looks better and brighter

Staying the same just seems to be drab and gloomy

Happy New Year to All!

Come see Who is being Wicked with Me.


Kazi G said...

It's still a hard thing to say, "moving on without you" even though that's exactly what I did four years ago. But if you're not honest with yourself about your needs it's not a healthy situation.

~Kazi xxx

Marie Rebelle said...

It sounds like 2013 will be a year in which you have some decisions to make. Sometimes you have to make decisions that are good for you but might hurt others.

Wishing you lots of strength with those.

Rebel xox

Kim said...

I wish you lots of luck and strength and sending you a big ass hug. It may be tough, but I admire anyone that can go out and be happy! Lots of love!!

Mia said...

4 years ago last Christmas I had to say my goodbyes and cause pain to another.

I wish you well with the next steps on your life journey.

Hugs and love.

~Mia~ xx

Silverdrop said...

Best wishes with your decision.