Monday, January 21, 2013

TMI Sexual Adventures

Complete each sentence with an anecdote of sexual adventure or misadventure:
1. The first time I . . .Ever used a harness of  any type.  The thigh harness from sportsheets.  Have to say, my poor husbands leg.
2. The last time I . . .put the liberator wedge to close to the edge of the bed, my husband got so excited with his thrusting that I and the wedge went off the side of the bed.
3. The only time I . . .Tried to give a blow job with pop rocks in my mouth,  It didn't go well because they scratched him up.  OOPS!
4. My best . . .Foreplay with a glass vibrator brought me to such powerful orgasms that I cried, and then continued to have more powerful orgasms though the night.  Also there was this night in the hottub, with my best friend, my brother in law and my husband.  We probably shouldn't go there but it was great!!
5. My worst . . .That guy who was hung so well, back in my single days.  Yeah, when they are that big it doesn't last that long.... Or the sex in the park, Chiggers in your ass, as legs is not a good thing. (little bugs that burrough  under your skin)
BONUS: Everyone, however much experienced, still has some unfulfilled desires. What is at the top of your yet-to-do list?  Planning a cruise: the dress and the deck of the ship with all the stars watching.

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AtiyaLuv said...

#3 OOPS is right!! ouch

#4 I need to get me a glass dildo!

#5 please do go there! LOL

Happy TMI!!