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Icicles No 2

Icicles No2 From Pipedreams

Temperature play
Non intimidating size


Pop. Pop. Pop.  The sensation on glass balls in and out of your orifices.  I like the sensations of glass, and I love the textured ball sensations of glass.  No 2 does not disappoint.  This is great for beginners as it has less girth than some of the larger toys.  It works best for vaginal use since it doesn’t have a flared based for anal use.  No 2 is 2 dildo’s in one since you can use either end!!  The larger end is my favorite since I do like more girth to my toys!  You can also use the No 2 as a massage tool and the larger ball is great for working out muscle knots in your upper back and it gives some great foot massages!

Glass is awesome for temperature play, put it in your  freezer only for a few minutes or the fridge to get it cold.  You can place it in a glass of ice water and it will take on the coolness.  You can place it in a cup of hot water  and make it heat up.  Be sure to check your temperatures on your inner wrist before you use it as you do not want burnt lips or frostbite.

The only draw back to the solid toys that I have found is you have to be careful when using with a partner because if they get to excited with their thrusting motions you can actually end up with a bruised cervix or innards!!  This can also happen if you thrust it too hard by yourself.  If using with a partner be sure that you have a means of communication that they know they are thrusting too hard.

Glass dildo’s are completely safe to use.  They are actually the same as Pyrex glass that we use in our cookware.  I have some Pyrex that is more than 10 years old.  The glass has boron oxide and silica added in the mixing process and then glass then becomes borosilicate glass.  This changes the  chemical composition so that the glass will break into large pieces and not splinter into small pieces.  It also gives the glass resistance to thermal shock.  This means is works with temperature variations and won’t break.  The glass will scratch though and you need to check for scratches before using your glass pieces so that you don’t end up with micro tears in your flesh.

The glass can get scratched with dropping it and I especially am careful with cleaning because the glass gets slippery and ends up dropping into the sink.

Icicles No 2 has a total length of  8 ½ inches.  The diameter of the largest ball on the end is 1 1/2 inches.  There are a total of  9 balls with the diameter of the smallest being ¾ of an inch.  It is actually a lighter piece of glass weighing in at 8 ounces.  The balls give a popping sensation when the vaginal walls and external genitalia give to let them in and out.  It feels amazing!

Icicles No 2 is completely clear and the light reflects in it.  I am so impressed with the aesthetic value of  my glass pieces and if I were able to I would have all of my glass displayed in a case.

Glass is easy to care for, you can use any type of lube with glass from your oils, silicone, hybrids and waterbased.  Glass can be placed in your dishwasher or boiled to sterilize.  You can use antibacterial soaps and water or your toy sprays.

Storage can be an issue with glass toys.  Some say they keep them in socks, the packaging they come in, or you can buy aftermarket padded bags.  I have also enlisted the help of a seamstress who made me some padded bags.  You need to be sure that you don’t let your glass toys bang together as this is what can cause the glass to scratch.

No 2 comes from pipedreams in an elegant looking box with the product picture on it.  The glass toy comes nestled in a foam cutout to keep it safe.  The packaging is not discreet.

The No 2 is great for beginners since it’s size is not intimidating and it works great as an introduction to the wonders of the textures that glass provides.  I would rate this one a 5 out of 5.  While it is not my favorite it is sure to please and there are no drawbacks!

product picture
Double ended dildo by Pipedream
Material: Borosilicate glass

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