Thursday, December 6, 2012

Charms Lace By Jopen

Charms Lace Key By Jopen

Multiple Settings
Easy to care for


Oh my, where to start.  It is not as strong as oh say the Salsa but, it is right up there.  I do enjoy the textures and that is why I grabbed up the lace one.  I like it!!  The only drawback that I have is that it is battery powered but I do understand that the rechargeable function would definitely increase the price.

I have used my lace alone for clitoral stimulation and a little bit of insertion.  I like the sensations that the raised lace pattern gives.  My husband and I used it together and he even stated that this one is right up there with the earthquake one (the salsa).  He likes the textured sensations along his scrotal area also.  We did have it in place with some intercourse action and it is a little to large to be comfortable for any period of time.  The textures are sure to excite all of your and your lover’s erogenous zones!

The Charms Lace Key is made with an ABS plastic bullet covered with a silicone sleeve.  The cap and button portion is made from a stainless alloy.  The silicone has the highest safety rating and all the components are non porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.

  The bullet itself if black in color with the silver colored metal cap, it is velvety smooth and soft.  The outer sleeve of the Lace is made from silicone and comes in several color options, the blue, pink and purple.  The outer sleeve does come off of the bullet but it takes some work and fingernails.  The sleeve could be used on other bullet type toys. The silicone that the Lace is made from is very soft and velvety feeling, it really doesn’t collect any lint or hair.  There is no smell to this toy and no tastes either.

The Lace texture has large bumps that are connected together with raised lines.  The bumps are very prominent and all of the textures can be felt when they glide across your skin and your erogenous zones.

The lace pattern can be a pain to clean after use.  You can throw the silicone sleeve in the dishwasher or boil it. The bullet cannot be heated as it will ruin the motor.  The entire toy can be cleaned with antibacterial soaps and water  toy sprays. On the packaging it says to use water based lubes.  I definitely only use water based with my toys as I have been told that other lubes can damage your toys. Or the finish on the toys.

  The bullet is a total of 3 3/4 inches long including the cap. It has a ¾ inch diameter and 2 ½ inch circumference.  The cap portion is all that shows when the sleeve is in place and the cap portions is ½ inch long.  It is insertable to 3 inches.  It is solid and firm. The silicone sleeve has a thickness of 1 /8th inch.  I would compare it to the thickness of the silicone baking cupcake forms.  It is squishy and flexible when it is off of the bullet.

The Charms Lace runs on one AA battery.  The cap twists to the left revealing the water proofed O ring and it snaps back on turning it to the right.  It does past the water proofing test as my husband threw it in the sink with the water running, as I was about to loose it I found out happily that it still worked!!  The stainless alloy cap has a push button on the end to turn the toy on and off and to change functions,  The button has KEY written on it and a small Key logo.

The Charms Lace Bullet has 5 functions.  To turn it on you hit the button once, it then will cycle through it’s five settings.  When you want to turn it off you push the button and hold it in for 3 seconds.  It doesn’t have any memory so when you turn it back on you have to cycle through the setting to get to the one that you prefer.  It is very quiet and cannot be heard over the covers.

1. High steady vibration
2. High fast steady pulse
3. Roller coaster effect from low to high
4. Fast pulsations
5. A chaotic throb, 2 hard, 3 softer

The packaging is really nice,  There is an outer sleeve with product information.  A ribbon from the main box comes through a cut out in the top.  The outer sleeve slips off the top to reveal the inner box with more information and a flip top style opening to the foam cut out that holds the toy.  Included are product information pages on hard card stock and a storage pouch.

The storage pouch is scratchy black more of a nylon type of material with a key logo sewn in the side.  It does come with a one year warranty.

The Charms Lace Key even though it is battery operated still earns a 5 out of 5 in my book.  I have oh so happy with it's textures and performance.


KEY Pleasure said...

Thank you so much for the review. I'm so happy to read that you enjoy your KEY Charms in Lace. I love that texture too. :)

<3, KEY

Amanda said...

on my wish list. cant wait to try it.thanks for review!

barkergirl33 said...

I am dying to get my hands on this, the Lace texture looks like it feels amazing, great review, thanks for all of the details, i also like that it doesn't appear to be a very buzzy vibe, I prefer more rumbly sensations. It's at the top of my wishlist. ~Raine~

Unknown said...

We have these at the brick and mortar store where I work, and I have been lusting over them for a while!!! The Key line, I mean. The Lace just looks so pretty :)

Unknown said...

Great review as usual. These don't sound like they are for me personally, but a nice gift for someone else. Possibly another giveaway should I win. :)

Amanda said...

this is the charms i have been wanting to try. i would love this texture. great review.

Karen said...

I love texture, this vibe looks awesome. Thanks for the review, I really want to try this one now!

Anonymous said...

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cammies on the floor said...

I like your size comparison pictures in the review. Definitely sounds worth a try!

Sucktacular said...

Thank you for the review! It's always great to see how actual customers respond to such products. I'm definitely liking the sound of that ridged lace texture~. I hope to give this little elegant beauty a try myself, one day!

Mary said...

awesome review, this looks like such a neat texture

Anonymous said...

I really like the look of this one and totally want it for the texture. Hopefully one day soon I can pick one up.

wicked48 said...

I think the texture would be fun!

Angel said...

Very Lovely. Just in looks alone I want to have. I have glad to hear the texture of the lace is pleasuring and that It be use for his pleasure as well.

Pretty Boy Toy Box said...

This was super informative. I read a lot of mixed reviews about this toy line and this was the toy that I thought would be the nicest. I'm glad to hear it is, indeed, nice.

jmc said...

Thank you for the review and so many photos. Your pictures show what an attractive toy it is, instead of looking like another pink bullet like it does on EF. I don't go there anymore btw,so was glad to find your blog.

FionaFlower88 said...

I found Lovedirect which I think is based out of the UK and they have really good prices on vibrators like the jopen, but also toys from Doc Johnson and also Rocks off.