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Love Candy By Kendra

Love Candy By Kendra
The Renew By Evolved  Novelties

Magnetically Rechargeable
USB charging

Long charging time
Not worth the cost

The Love Candy By Kendra is actually a rabbit style toy.  I always said that I didn’t like rabbits but I am starting to be a big convert.  The Love Candy has the shaft which is a great g-spotter and the wonderfully powerful clitoral vibe for excitement purposes.  It could be used anally as it  is made from sterilizable silicone but I only used it for vaginal purposes.

The silicone is one heck of a lint magnet.  It is a rubbery type of silicone with quiet a bit of drag to it.  The drag is easily cured with some water based lube.  The silicone is medical grade, hypoallergenic, non porous.  It is latex and phthalates free.  It has no smell or taste to it. Silicone is one of the safest materials for sex toys to be made of as it is sterilizable and non porous.  The Love Candy comes in black and purple. It is water proof and can be used in the shower.

 There are no textures to the Love Candy but it does have the two grooves on the tip of the bulbous end and a raised line that flows along the side of the vibe.  I really can not tell that they are present with use.  There is a slight seam along the center of the toy which to does not affect the use or feelings of the toy.

The shaft and the clitoral attachment are quiet flexible with being able to be fully bent in any direction.  The  Love candy has a total length of 8 inches, with 4 ½ inches of it being insertable.  The shaft has a greatest diameter of 1 ¼ inches and it’s smallest girth where it tapers at the clitoral attachment has a diameter of 1 inch.  The clitoral attachment sits ½ inch from the shaft at the end of the attachments.

The clitoral arm is 2 inches long from the shaft.  It too has a bulbous head.  It is rounded and it will sit on top of or to the sides of the clitoris. On the very end it is slightly flattened.  The clitoral arm has a greatest diameter of  1 inch.

The controls take up 2 1/2  inches of the end.  They are place at an angle.  The control panel has 2 buttons.  They glow a bright LED blue with use.  The blue light flashes when charging and they are on solid when you have the vibe on.  The bottom button only turns the Love Candy on and off.  The top  button with the waves on it controls the vibration levels and the pulsations patterns.

There are 3 levels of vibrations.  Low, Medium and High.  It is not as strong as the Ina2 Or the Mona 2.  The pulsation patterns include:  an escalation of low to high, an on and off pulsation, a faster on and off pulsation,  a three pulse one long pulse.  So three vibration levels, and 4 patterns.  On it’s lowest setting I would say it is a 1 with the highest setting a 3 for vibrations.  It is very quiet and cannot be heard over the covers even at it’s highest settings.

The clitoral arm has the exact same settings as the shaft, there is no way of changing the clitoral arm functions they operate as One.  There is no memory to the settings, when you turn it off you start over at the lowest vibration setting.

The charger is magnetized to the control panel.  The charger head is 2 ½ inches long and attaches to a cord that is 45 inches long.  It attaches to a USB port as well as the included wall outlet charger.  The wall outlet charger has to attach to an end piece for the 110 wall outlet and getting the pieces together is a real pain in the ass.  I am assuming that this one made be made for international use and may have attachments that don’t come with each toy.

The instructions state to charge the toy for a full 8 hours using the wall adapter.  After the initial charge it will then take 3 hours for the toy to fully recharge.  The toy will run for 3 hours on half speed and 1 ½ hour on full speed.  When the battery is low, the speeds will become weaker and then just stop.

Of course, you cannot use the toy while it is charging.  The toy itself is waterproofed but not the chargers.  The product information does state that the toy is water proof.

Cleaning is easy with antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays or toy wipes.  You can even spritz it down with a 10% bleach solution.  You cannot boil or place this one in the dishwasher due to the motor.

Use only water based lubes so that the finish doesn’t get ruined and be careful with storage so that your love candy is not touching other toys so that too doesn’t ruin the finish on the toy.  I store it in the cool case that it comes in.

The packaging is great.  It is a rounded end black case that snaps shut.  The toy is on one level of a plastic insert with all the charging materials on a plastic level under the toy.  All of the product information is contained on a cardboard sleeve that fits over the case.  I am finding that I like the cool packaging and this packaging is also great for gifts and is totally usable.

The Love Candy does come with a one year warranty.

The Love candy is not as strong as the Ina2 or the Mona 2.  It has some great qualities especially that the shaft and clitoral attachments are so flexible.  I am able to bend it with use to get it to hit all the right spots.  Yes, I am able to fully get off with this one.  I like the charging options.  I do not like that the clit arm and the shaft have the same motor and run at the same speeds.  I have really gotten spoiled by the higher end vibes.  I really hate how much lint and hair it collects though, it cannot even make it out of the bathroom without having hair on it.

The love candy is a really good vibe, not the best but it does perform.  I would rate it a 3 out of 5.  It will get used but not as much as say the Ina2 or my Jopen’s.  I would also say that this one is not worth the cost of it.  I feel that experienced toy users may be disappointed in this one.

product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator  by Evolved
Material: Silicone

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