Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Mia By Lelo


9 Levels of Vibrations
4 Patterns


This is one small, rechargeable wonder.  I have found that I love my clit vibes and this one is a winner.

You can use it for clitoral stimulation, external labia stimulation, and on all of your own and your lover’s erogenous zones.  It is small but you could insert it a little ways for extra teasing.

Mia is made from smooth plastic that is non porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free.  It cleans up nicely with a damp washcloth with antibacterial soaps and water.  You can use your toy sprays or toy wipes.  It is not waterproofed though so be very careful not to saturate with cleaners or water.

The Mia is rechargeable with a usb port.  The Mia can be plugged in directly or there is a 6 inch cable included to charge it in the USB port.  It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge it.  Mia will then run for 2 to 3 hours depending on the settings that you use.  Mia doesn’t hold her standby charge for a long period of time.  I had her on the night stand for approximately one week and the charge was almost completely gone.

Mia has 9 levels of vibrations, they range from low to very high,  Mia also has 4 patterns.  The patterns include a slow pulsation, fast pulsations, Hard solid pulses, and a roller coaster action.  Some of the vibrations are more buzzy than others but there are several settings which are quite satisfying.  With the 9 levels you can surely find one for you.

The Mia has a + button and a - button for controls.  Mia has a  locking function that when you push both buttons simultaneously the vibe control will lock, it unlocks in the same fashion.  To go through vibration setting you simply push the + button to go back to the previous setting you press the - button.  You have to cycle through the levels to turn the Mia off and there is no memory with this one.  To go to the patterns you simply press and hold the + button.

The Mia has an LED light that flashes white when it is charging.  It lights up when you hit the + button.  The light glows red when the battery is almost dead.

The Mia is very quiet and you can barely hear it from your crotch to your ear.  I am sitting here playing with it while writing this review and my husband is less than 6 feet from me and he cannot hear a thing.  It does get loud when you sit it on a solid surface.

Mia is actually 2 parts, the vibe and the cover.  The total length is 4 ½ inches long and has a diameter of 7/8ths inches.  There is a silver band in the area above the control buttons.

The Mia is very discreet.  It looks like a mascara container or a large lip stick.  It fits in nicely with all of the female stuff that us women drag around with us.  It is so quiet that I bet you could play with this one in some very  interesting places.  I would definitely travel with this one and I would bet that TSA would just think that it is a usb flash drive because it looks very similar to many that I have seen.

I really like to use my Mia, she has many setting and I have several that I like.  She is good to use alone, and with my dildo’s.  The vibrations are pinpointed down towards the tip and it is very satisfying.

Mia comes packaged in the basic black Lelo box with the  outer sleeve to let you know what is in the box.  You receive the product registrations card, warranty information, a lube sample and a satin storage bag.  You also receive the charging cable.

Mia deserves a 5 out of 5  a top performer on an any scale.

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone / Plastic

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