Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hardwood dildos #329

Hardwood  #329 By Hardwood Dildos

Light weight
Textured end
Grains in the wood
One of a kind
Piece of Art


This is an amazing piece of art as well as an amazing dildo.  The #329 is double ended and has these nice ridges present for those of us who like textures.  Mine is a beige light colored wood that is very light.

Everyone is always concerned about using a sex toy that isn’t made out of silicone or a material that isn’t flexible.  The wood is completely safe!!  No, you don’t get splinters or slivers.  If you go to www.hardwooddildos.com you can even see pictures of the man who makes these dildo’s.  He is in Oregon and he personally uses an orbital sander to make sure that your dildo is completely smooth.  He then coats it with 5 layers of “salad bowl” type of varnish.  This does make the dildo waterproof and prevents you from getting slivers.

The #329 is a double ended dildo intended for vaginal use only since it has no flared based.  Since the wood is so light in weight I bet that this one could get sucked up easily.  It is curved and with it’s ridges it is very easy for me to stimulate my g-spot with it.

#329  is 8 ½ inches  long and has a diameter of 1 ¼ inches.  The end with the ridges present has 3 ridges that go 3 ½ inches up the dildo.  The smooth end is 5 inches long.  The ripples or ridges are approximately 1/8 inch raised bubbles.  They do give a sort of popping sensation as they travel in and out of your vagina.  I really like that sensation and the wood has a different feel to it as compared to glass or metal toys.  Mine only weighs 4 ounces.  The dimensions may slightly vary with each toy as they are hand made.  It may also vary with the type of wood that the dildo is made from.

The wood is easy to care for.  You can wash it up with antibacterial soaps and water, or use your toy sprays.  It is suggested not to put in the dishwasher or boil these.  You can use any tube of lubes with the hard wood dildo’s.

These dildo’s can be damaged by dropping them and denting them or as the web site says if your dog chews it up.  They are guaranteed and you can send them back to be refinished by www.hardwooddildos.com they only charge a postal fee.

The dildo comes in a real velvet bag that just fit’s the dildo, mine is purple and it has a ribbon draw string at the end.

The web site explains that all of their toys are made from scrap wood, no trees are cut down for the making of the dildo’s and they have a large selection with many types of woods available and they will even custom craft one for you.

I really like this one and I look forward to trying more of their products.  I like the wood and the lack of weight, don’t get me wrong I like my metals but the wood offers different sensations.  I would suggest the wood for anyone from beginner to experienced toy users.  You can get them with or without textures.  My #329 is perfect depending on what type of mood that I am in and I do experience some wild orgasms using this one.

Another advantage of the wood is that it carries vibrations very well. While I have it inserted I can place my Salsa right up next to it and it shakes wildly.  This too makes for some mind blowing orgasms.

I would easily rate this one a 5 out of 5.

product picture
Probe by Hardwood dildos
Material: Wood


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