Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TMI Holidays!!

‘Tis the Season

1. During the December holiday season, Do you
a. Go away to join other family?
b. Have holiday fun with immediate family?
c. Get to be alone with a lover?
Unfortunately I am a Registered nurse which has really screwed up my Holiday season for many years.  My immediate family usually end up celebrating a few days before Christmas, My boys have always enjoyed getting their presents early!!
  d. Enjoy the peace and quiet and down-time of being with yourself?
2. What is your favorite holiday tradition or thing that you like to do every holiday season? I enjoy driving around looking at Christmas decorations and lights.
3. You are walking down the street and a sexy person is standing with a sign that says “Kiss Me” and mistletoe hanging above their head.
1. Would you kiss that person? YES or NO       NO!!
2. Why or why not?  There is just too much Icky Crap out there, I would probably tease and flirt with them and possibly blow them a kiss if they were good looking.
4. Santa made up his list and he has checked it twice. Turns out you are on the “naughty” list. What is the naughty thing you did that put you on that list?  I tend to be more on the naughty side.  I don't think that Santa would like the pictures of my TaTas on my blog.  Then there was this sex swing incident..... and then one time......
5. For being naughty you have been locked in a room where you will be forced to learn about holiday cheer. You will have to watch 24 hours of a holiday movie, which movie would you choose to watch? (pick just one)
a. A Christmas Story
b. It’s a Wonderful Life
c. White Christmas
d. A Christmas Carol (original 1938 version or the 1992 Muppet version)  I love the Christmas Story, and yes I have put my tongue on the cold metal!
Bonus: The holidays can be a hectic time of year, so much so that romance might take a back seat to festivities and such. Give us YOUR sexy tip for keeping away the “chill” and “heating up” the holiday season.  Toys, Toys, Toys, and I absolutely love the Gluhwien, German Hot Spiced Wine

Happy TMI Tuesday!


Jack and Jill said...

Your answer to #3 is very sensible. I'm not the sort who feels that kissing is so deeply personal that I have to be engaged in order to do it. But I don't want to catch anything, so I tend not to kiss total strangers.


Unknown said...

I'm glad that I have more freedom these days as a Registered Nurse... being the only one who does what I do in the agency has a lot of perks!

Stay naughty!

~Kazi xxx

PaganPrincess said...

I feel your pain on number one. My mother is a recently retired RN and RN instructor. My father a minister. I'm in social work, as are many others in my family, and many of us also do direct care.

Holiday? PFFT! WHAT holiday? Somehow you find a way around it, but it always adds extra stress to the holiday season. Thanks for playing!