Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wicked Wednesday

More Corset's came in the mail last night!!

It's not fully laced yet!  This was for a public viewing.  I laced it full for later play without the night gown under it!!

Come see who is being Wicked with Me!

Wicked Wednesday


Marie Rebelle said...

I would love to see the corset all laced up :)

Rebel xox

Kazi G said...

Lovely! I hope you took other pictures as well :)

~Kazi xxx

Kim said...

Beautiful! I love corsets, hope you share more of them all laced up.

Molly said...

I love my corsets, they are so flattering and make me feel like I am walking round with a constant hug going on round my waist.

Your corset looks lovely.


Angelwithatwist said...

I so want a lace up corset, however I want the waist you have to go with it. Beautiful.