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Lo by Jopen

Lo Mini Massager By Jopen

Neat Sleeves
3 toys in one

Battery operated
Not as strong as other toys in line

This one is Ok, not the best in the line but still a decent toy.  Had I gotten this one first I may have not been as excited to try more of the products.  I though t I was getting a good deal since it had the smooth sleeve and the nubbed sleeved and the plastic inner massager.  I did get three toys in one but the plastic on the massager just doesn’t perform as well as the black bullet that is in the charms lace and it definitely doesn’t live up to the ceres.

The lo can be used for stimulation of your erogenous zones, both on yourself and your partner.  Both the smooth plastic, and the nubbed silicone work well for stimulation of nipples and clitoris.  You can insert this one a little ways vaginally but not much.  It is pretty short.  Definitely not for anal use as it is missing the flared base.


The main portion of the lo is the plastic bullet.  It is made form nonporous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free plastic,  It has a stainless alloy button on the end with the key logo on it.  The sleeves are both made form soft, silky, velvety silicone. This silicone doesn’t collect any lint or hair. The silicone sleeves are  hypoallergenic, non porous, latex and phthalates free too.  The set comes with two sleeves, one is smooth and the other has the 6 rows of raised numbs running horizontally  from the middle to the bottom area but not quite to the tip.  The lo has no tastes or smells to it.  It comes in a raspberry color, teal blue and lavender.


The main bullet portion  is 4 inches long with a diameter of 1 inch. Circumference of 3 inches.  The lo is insertable to 3 inches before you get to the cap area.  Each of the sleeves are 4 inches long and when they are on the toy only a small portion is left peeking over the top of the sleeve.  The sleeves are flexible, and when they are in place on the bullet area they have an oval of the plastic showing.  The nubs on the one sleeve are very prominent and they definitely add to the experience.  There is a band of 6 lines of the nubs that  horizontally run down the body of the sleeve. The sleeves are both approximately 1/8th inch thick similar to a silicone cup cake liner.


The main control button is located on the end with the key logo on it.  The cap comes off easily with a twisting motion to the right and then pull the cap off.  The lo runs on one AA battery.  This is the same type of motor that is in the charms line. You hit the end button to turn the lo on and you hit the button to cycle through the patterns.  To turn it off you press and hold the button down for three seconds.  The Lo is waterproofed with the O ring present.  I did test it and no water got into the battery compartment.

Lo has 5 functions.
1. High steady vibration
2. High fast steady pulse
3. Roller coaster effect from low to high
4. Fast pulsations
5. A chaotic throb, 2 hard pulses , 3 softer pulses

This one seems louder than the other toys in the line.   T cannot be heard through a closed door but it can be heard over the covers.  I don’t know if it is because the silicone sleeves aren’t solid or not but it is louder.  The button can get hit accidentally when you are using it causing it to start another pattern.  The vibrations are not as strong as the ones in the jopen charms. They seem more buzzy than rumbly.  The plastic doesn't seem to carry the vibrations well.


The lo is easy to care for you can wash it all up with  antibacterial soaps and water, your toy sprays or the toy wipes.  If you do get secretions in the numbed area it is a pain to clean up but the q tips work well.  You can just wipe down the plastic bullet area.  The sleeves can be placed in the dishwasher or boiled even.  I store mine in the pouch that is included with the toys.


The jopen key line has neat packaging that has an outer sleeve that slides off the top and then the flip style box opens to find your toys nestled in a foam cut out.  The lo comes with a nylon scratchy black pouch and product information sheets.  It does come with a one year warranty.

The Lo really doesn’t seem to be anything special and it really isn’t worth the expense of this one.  The charms perform much better.  I would give this one a 3 out of 5 rating.

product picture
Vibrator kit  by Jopen
Material: Silicone

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