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Matryoshka by Rianne S

It’s here, it’s here.  I have lusted after this one for months!  My usual source for toys never did get it in stock so I found it elsewhere.  I waited and waited and then it finally showed up.  Dang thing takes 8 hours to fully charge!!  It has lived up to my expectations.  I am very happy with my purchase!!


Soft, silky, Velvety Silicone
Water proof
Charging Base
Great Packaging
Easy to hold on to


Vibrations could be stronger
8 hour initial charge

This little clitoral vibe works wonderfully!!  It has the neatest shape to it and fits easily in the palm of your hand.  It works on your clitoris, your external labia, you can insert it up to1 ½ inch vaginally for some teasing.  It works on all of your erogenous zones.  It glides easily in that special area behind your lover’s knees.  Also, when your neck is sore it works to help get the kinks out too.  It is great for foreplay and the husband likes it on his scrotal area. The husband likes the softer type of vibrations on his scrotal area he says the salsa is too much and he likes this one, Uma and Mimi. I use it solo too.  I lovingly refer to this one as my M toy since I can’t pronounce it properly!  It states specifically on the instructions to not insert this one anally.
The silicone doesn’t collect any lint or hair.  It is soft, velvety and silky.  It really does glide across your skin.  There is no drag to it and I have even used it over my leggings and panties with out it catching on the fabric.  There is no taste and no smell to the Matryoshka.  It is completely smooth with no textures.  The only raised areas are the control buttons.  The silicone is a coat over firm plastic type of material. The bottom of the toy has plastic with the two metal connections for the charger. The charging area is depressed slightly so that it doesn’t come into contract with you.

 There is no give to the Matryoshka. It is very firm.  The Matryoshka comes in lavender, rose and lilac colors.  The silicone is medical grade, non porous, hypoallergenic.  It doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates.  It is easy to clean.  You can see on the toy where there was a seam that has been meticulously leveled out.

The Matryoshka is 3 ¼ inches tall, it’s base has a diameter of 2 inches and it’s head area has a diameter of ¾ inch.  The head sits 1 ½ inch off  of the body of the toy.  The controls are on the upper side of the body area with 2 buttons present and the Rs logo.

The functions are controlled by the two buttons.  The toy comes locked, it is easy to unlock by holding both buttons for approximately 3 to 5 seconds.  It locks in the same manner.  To turn it off you press and hold either of the buttons down for 3 seconds.  You can turn it on by hitting either of the buttons. The motor of the toy seems to be in the head area and it does allow for pinpoint stimulation with the top of the head.

 The Matryoshka has 5 levels of vibrations that are rumbly to me.  The lowest setting may be a little buzzy but not much. There area also 5 setting for patterns that can be combined in any manner with the vibration settings. So you can have a pulsation pattern in low, all the way up to high settings.  There is no memory to the settings.  Once you turn the toy off you have to start over at the lowest setting.

1. Slow escalation
2. Fast escalation
3. Medium pulsations
4. Fast pulsation
5. Medium and then high pulsations.  Seems somewhat chaotic.

The Matryoshka has the neatest charging system.  The base is 2 ½ inches across and the toy sits on the charging base. The base is ¾ inches thick with a gold placard attached to the front of it that says Rianne S on it.  It has a small light below the Rs Logo that flashes when it is charging.  The base has a lid to it that is 3 ¾ inches tall.  The lid fits on it firmly and it will not get knocked off. The charging cable attaches to the back of the base.  The cable is approximately 54 inches long.  The wall outlet comes with 3 adapters for international outlets. The lid can be kept in place when charging the toy.

The initial charge takes 8 hours and then the Matryoshka can be recharged in 3 hours.  It states in the product manual that the charge should last for 2 hours  and it has 90 days worth of  standby time.  Of course do not use the toy when it is charging.

The Matryoshka is very easy to care for.  You can throw it in your sink full of soap and water since it is waterproof.  You can use your antibacterial soaps and water, toy sprays, toy wipes.  You can spray it down with a 10% bleach solution.  Do not boil or place in dishwasher as it will ruin the motor.  Use only water based lubes as silicone lube can ruin the finish on the toy.

The packaging comes with a storage bag and the charging base with lid that you can use for storage.  I usually end up leaving this one out on my night stand.  It is very discreet and doesn’t look like a sex toy at all.  It is great for travel.  I wouldn’t leave this one out if you have small children because I can see a toddler walking around with this one in their mouth.  I store all of my silicone toys away from each other so that they don’t meld and hurt each other’s finishes also.

The packaging is very luxurious. It is like receiving a very expensive gift.  The outer box contains a picture of the toy and product information.  The inner box is soft, kind of chalky feeling purple in color with a lid that flips to the side held on by ribbons.  The toy is nestled into a velvet cut out.  The charger with lid is in a velvety lined area also. The charger and accessories are under the toy.

You receive the charger, cable, 3 outlet adaptors.  A book about Rainne S., a product information pamphlet, a plastic coated purple envelope you have warranty information that lasts for one year.  You receive a suede type of  toy pouch and the toy.  It has a very elegant type of presentation.

I really do love this one.  It is not as strong as my Salsa.  It performs like Mimi or Uma.  If I didn’t know any better I would say that they may come from the same manufacture as the materials and even the colors are so similar.  It is stronger than My Mia 1st generation.  I love the way that it glides and the husband really likes this one also.  It is not the most comfortable one to use with intercourse for the missionary position but it works well with cow girl and doggy style.

It works great for holding on to with solo sessions and using dildo’s.  It can make your hand start to go tingly after prolonged use.  I would say that it has a 4 vroom type of vibration and it has no noises.  It cannot be heard over the covers.

I can achieve some gasping orgasms with this toy.  I would easily purchase it again, and I would suggest this one for all users from beginners to experienced toy users.

It easily rates a 5 out of 5 or a 10 out of 10.

product picture
Discreet massager by Rianne S
Material: Silicone

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