Sunday, December 30, 2012

TMI Sex Games


1. Did you ever play strip poker (or strip spin-the-bottle, or similar)?
Did nudity result? Were there further developments? Details please.
 Yes, way back when I was younger.  I had played strip poker in mixed company.  I can remember one particular gentleman ending up wearing my pink robe.  It looked cute on him and of course I took it off of him later.
2. Did you ever play a nude party game, such as Naked Twister? Did it
lead to anything further?
Nope, never did that one.
3. Did you ever play a game of Truth or Dare that led to nudity, or
fondling, or more?
 Yes, this was one of my favorite games to play with my husband when we were dating.
4. Did you ever attend a party that led to sex with a more or less randomly chosen partner, i.e., swingers-lifstyle party, key party*?  No, I never had that experience
*key party – A couples party where all of the men put their car keys into a bowl or bag and at the end of the party, the women blindly select a set of keys to determine who she goes home with for the rest of the evening for sexual gratification.
5. Did you ever participate in unexpected co-ed skinny dipping in a
 Yes, several times, this seemed to be an "ARMY" thing.
Bonus: Do you have a favorite fantasy about a sexy party?
Please share.
 Oh, I can't go there right now.
Come See Who is Playing.....

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PaganPrincess said...

I haven't done numbers 2 or 4, either. Thanks for playing, and happy TMI!!!